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JimKramer 02-09-2006 06:38 AM

Help With Bolt On Sub Frame Connectors On 69 Camaro
Hey Guys,

I just got a new pair of Competition Engineering bolt on sub frame connectors for my 69 camaro from Summit. Does anyone have good directions on the installation preferably with pictures. They were not in the box. If not can you describe it in detail for me. The do's and don't's. Where to place the jack stands, etc. Anything you can give me is appreciated.


73oldsman 02-09-2006 11:46 AM

Here's an article about installing them on a firebird, similar to you Camaro. May help some. You could also contact their Tech Suppot section and maybe they could help you out.

tmeyer 02-12-2006 04:56 PM

Jim, I put these same sub-frame connectors on my 67. They hit my floor board so I notched the floor board and welded them in solid the the floor boaards. This was a hassle but I think this makes the structure much stronger.

The front of the sub-frame connector slides between the subframe and the bushing/bolt. Bolts/Nuts are included to be used on the side of the subrames where the instructions tell you to drill holes and install the Bolts/Nuts thru where the sub-frame and the connectors overlab. I did not do this. Instead, I welded the connectors to the sub-frame.

The back goes under the leaf spring brackets. My back tabs did not line up. the outer tabs needed to be raised up about 3/16". So I cut them off, bolted them to the body and tacked them. Then, I took them off and welded the in solid. After bolting these in, I welded them as well.

I can take some pictures if you still need them.

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