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big"D" 12-03-2012 07:20 AM

Help! Building a tub for a Rat questions...
I am building a rat roadster using a 1920 Hudson nose, (radiator shroud, hood and cowl,) a 1930 Chevy frame, rear quarters and trunk. A 1969 318/727 from a Winnebago. A 1950's Hudson steering wheel/column with shifter. I'm using a transverse leaf spring with a 4" drop I-beam, split wishbone front suspension, vega style pan-box and a triangular 4 bar with coil-overs on the rear.

I have to make the tub from scratch including fabrication my own doors. I'm at the point where I basically have a rolling chassis and am ready to start thinking about the tub.

I'm wondering the best way to go about this. I would like to use a system that utilizes 6 to 8 rubber mounting points with a 1/4" to 3/8" space between the frame. I plan to weld perches on the frame to accommodate the rubber mounts.

Does anyone know of any videos and or instructions as to the best way to go about this? This is my first car fab project and I want it to be captivating... Please Help!

Thanks, big"D"
1920 Hudson Roadster

OneMoreTime 12-03-2012 09:39 AM

The way I would do that is to make a framework out of square steel tube and then apply the body panels made of 20 gauge sheet metal..Spend the bucks for a good tube bender like a JD2 for bending and curving the tube and you will be glad you did..


matt167 12-03-2012 10:42 AM

Depending on how crude you need to make it, you don't even need a bender. If you use 18ga, you can form it freehand around stuff pretty easy. If you want the rear corners of the tub 'flaired' at the top, then it will get more complicated. If you are ok with the tub being vertical, then a 6-8" PVC drain pipe will work good as a forming buck..

If you want to do it all hand hammered in a more 'formal' shape, you can build a buck out of wood and hammer it out that way.

timothale 12-03-2012 12:28 PM

E book time
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click on the eBook tab aat the top of the page , read it then read all of Cboy's other builds. I found some pieces out in the desert, and started on the roadster. I laid out a grid on a sheet of plywood, and use a carpenters square, screwed the pieces to it, make cardboard paterns so both sides would be the same for the sub structure. the other picts are too large to post, I had to make a new trunk lid, upper and lower back, and still need to make the doors. for the doors you might be able to find some wrecking yard truck doors to cut out the pieces, with some contour ... here's a poor pict my son took with his phone when we first started on it. .

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