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jrm123180 10-07-2007 06:55 PM

help...can't tighten front wheel

I have a '79 Chevy truck K10. My front passengers wheel keeps coming loose on the spindle. I've adjusted it according to the specs in the book, as well as replacing the inner and out wheel bearings, racers and seals.

The problem is, when I put it on, it seems nice and tight, but as soon as I drive it, it loosens up again. I was just looking at it, and it seems as though the hub isn't tight around the bearing. Is this somthing that happends over time? To my knowledege, the hub is original to the truck which would mean it has over 200k on it. should I replace it?

Any thoughts on this?


matt167 10-07-2007 07:18 PM

spindal must be shot. if it was tightened correctly

tighten nut to 10 ft/lbs, then back off and tighten 10 inch pounds. the tightening to 10 ft/ lbs seats the bearing

Also, don't forget the cotter pin, it will loosen w/o this

jrm123180 10-07-2007 07:23 PM

the inner nut is suppose to be about 50lbs the outter is suppose to be about 80lbs.

As I wiggled the wheel and looked in, I noticed the it seems to be wiggling around the racer, the spindle and bearing are all nice and tight. The race is brand new.

Also, this is a 4wd the use to be fulltime 4wd, now part time but I still ahve the full time hubs on there.

F&J 10-07-2007 07:52 PM

I've seen those 4wd hubs get worn where the race is seated. I would think you would have noticed that though, if you did replace the race.

carsavvycook 10-07-2007 08:03 PM

There are 2 front axle nuts on each side, The inner one has a pin on it that gets tightened first. Next there is a Washer with holes in it, which you Need to slide on. If the hole does not line up with the pin on the Inner nut, be sure to flip it around to see if it will, if not back off the Inner Nut till it does. Then install and tighten the outer nut.

I'm sure you don't need any help from this point in the assembly.

I have come across several of these kind of vehicles that have been reassembled wrong. The Pin on the inner nut has been broken off, or, bent over. A couple times I've found it being used as the outer nut.

Once you get it locked in place, it won't back off.

Good Luck

jrm123180 10-07-2007 08:04 PM

i'm thinking thats the problem. I can see the the bearing is seated and not moving as well as the racer while I wiggle the wheel...I seems as though the wheel is wiggleing around the racer....I'm hoping that I can find that part fairly easily and cheap.

Blazin72 10-07-2007 08:06 PM

Does that truck have the Dana 44 or the 10 bolt up front? I'm not sure what year they switched. I you have the Dana 44 there is a lockwasher that sandwiches between the inner and outer nuts. The first nut has two pins on it that should be facing out and the lockwasher has several holes and a locking tang on it. The tang should be able to fit in the locking groove on the spindle with two holes in the washer lining up with the pins on the inner nut. Is the lockwasher installed? Is the locking tang in good shape or did it get sheared off? Are the locking pins on the inner nut facing the right way and are they in good condition?

jrm123180 10-07-2007 08:07 PM

thanks...actually the pin is missing, but that doesn't seem to be an issue...both the inner and outter nuts are tight and have not seemed to back off at all.

Blazin72 10-07-2007 08:12 PM

Hmm, well that's not good either. Even if it isn't the problem now it could become one in the future.

jrm123180 10-07-2007 09:53 PM

I'm going to replace those bolts...from what I can see online, they appear to be expensive though....not on the priority list thought since I don't put more than probable 1500 miles per year on the truck

Chopt 48 10-07-2007 11:19 PM

Check the hub to make sure that the race isn't loose in the hub.
This usually happens on the inner race and it spins in the hub. The fix if this has happened is replacing the hub.

Also, when you adjust the inner nut, spin the hub a few times to make sure that the hub is all they way seated, sometimes the seal or the bearing will hang up
on the spindle and not be all the way in at first.

I an the others above are assuming that you did correctly repack the bearings with the proper grease before you assembled it.

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