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Smokeytires 10-30-2009 07:27 PM

help with electrical
switched to My son has a 1989 suburban he had put a carb and hei distributor in it.He has a 350 bored .040 and a performance cam.He had 305 heads on it but he had to run race fuel for it to run.he switched back to his old heads and fuel injection.the problem he has now is it is running rich and it does'nt seem like it's hitting on all showed a code 42 but it hasn't came up again.(he had cut the throttle body wires when he put the carb on it.)he soldered all the wires and now it wont start.while hes cranking the engine its spraying fuel,i figure es flooded question is what problems will he have with the computer etc. with this cam? will it cause it to run rich? he also bought a prom sensor from summit and no matter what you do it runs like hell.someone said it could effect the map sensor.I don't know much about them.any help would be appreciated. s/t

kleen56 10-30-2009 08:49 PM

How did the engine run with the carb setup prior to going back to fuel injection? This is the problem with computer run engines. Whenever you change something like configuration or cut wires, they rarely run good. It sounds like you have issues with fuel delivery to the engine (fuel squirting out?) that is not suppose to happen! or possibly even problems with the injectors. A cam will usually cause the engine to require more fuel not less to the point it causes a flooding or a running rich condition as you state. The computer also regulates timing, which most likely sounds is off with a new cam and a change of heads, etc. You need to check the specs on the cam to see what the recommended degree of timing is for that cam. You can't just put a cam in and be done with it. I would start there and try to re-time the engine and see if that helps. On some engines, the timing is real touchy to adjust as well. If it's a computer issue, you may want to go to a place that can test and adjust your computer to work with your configuration. It's not cheap, because it takes time to all that, but sometimes to save time and aggrevation, it's worth it. Or... get rid of the computer altogether and go back to running a intake and carb set up, if that ran OK.

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