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Originally Posted by 67-4-fun View Post
i have a third member for it now, just no carrier yet, im building this rear from scratch.. that brings up another question about brakes, a big bearing ford 9 has 2 3/8 brake offset, so is that what i need to include in the measurement? going to run drum brakes for now, may switch to disk in the future, i just dont know what drum brakes i can run GM or have to go with ford or just much easier to go with a ford drum brake setup.. this rear end is going under a gen 1 camaro

I currently have no axles for this rear, factory or aftermarket

Bob.. your right about the tool, I may just get the tool and be done with it
Your 2 3/8" brake offset dimension sounds right...yeh the axle supplier will need to figure that in. But...considering Ford axles are not equal-length side-to-side like Chevys are so you can't automatically split the flange/flange-minus-pin dimension, and figuring that you don't know where the housing builder put the pinion exactly (Centered? Offset to the side, and how far?) and considering that you'll want the brakes to fit, here's what I'd do, which is either instead or in addition to using the special tool described:

Get the center section and brake assemblies first*, and mount them in there with the diff center pin in (of course) and the drums on the shoes in the right place in/out. Then, just actually measure it, i.e. stick a tape in the tube 'til it hits the pin and back out a touch, and read where the mounting surface of your drum or disc or whatever is. Double-check that the flange is sorta 2 3/8" out from the flange as you expect, if not then why? Finally, is the total measurement flange-to-flange working out to be what you need, as well as the pinion offset (Camaro should be about 3/4" to the pass. side)? Really, if you are using the stock wheelwells this is all sounding a bit too narrow, and if so this would be the time to re-specify a housing...

Anyhow, the whole point there is, there Ain't no substitute for an actual measurement. If nothing else, you'll want to know what went wrong later!

*GM brakes meant for those little housing ends where roller bearings ride right on the axles don't fit so well on Ford housings with their larger precision inserts. It can be done, but to no advantage...better to get Ford stuff with the drums or discs drilled for your Chevy pattern. Also if you're starting with drums it would be good to be able to give the axle guys a hole dimension from your actual drums so they can give 'em a solid register.
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