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Halloweenking 04-01-2002 07:27 PM

Help with frame specs
I'm building a full custom, hopefully showstopping street rod. I've made and formed all bodywork by hand, but I need help desighning a frame, I have an idea of what I want but need the specs to execute it. I will be running 20" in the rear and 17" tires up front, its going to be air bag assisted suspention. my question is how much should the front and rear suspention be "C notched" or what should the specs be to mandrel bend the frame rails to put it in the weeds with the air bag suspention fully deflated? any help would be greatly apreciated. thanks for the help.

Shawn Asseln 04-02-2002 04:41 AM

Is the car channelled? What kind of car is it? Is it a stock frame? What kind of suspension? Need alot more info here but would like to help.

Halloweenking 04-05-2002 01:51 PM

Yes you are helping and thanks for doing so, The car was origanally just something I drew up to keep a class I was helping in busy, so I just built the body as an example never intended to go any further. I will give you all the information I can. its a one off custom coupe, will be able to seat four, full fenderd, the cab has just a frame, it has no floor. the front end is custom fabricated sheetmetal. I will send some measurements as soon as I can get back into the shop (spring break). My concern is that with the 20" rims in the rear the frame would have to be C notched in order for the car not to sit like a highboy, it will be a cruiser so I thought to get it to sit at the right ride hight, the frame should compinsate. due to the shape of the body (teardrop) channeling could only do so much, I'm trying to get the cab of the car or the seating area to sit as low as possible to add head room and overal ride quality, the idea I have in my head is notch the frame close to the pumpkin of the rear end (width wise) sit the two air bag setup back to back on to of the notches and have the suspention set up F-1 style (indy car) and have two conecting rods a few inches to each side of the pumpkin to the frame. by putting the airbags somewhat above where you are seated it take the abrupt jerk out. I've drawn up what I'm talking about frame wise but I have no way of getting it on the net. if you have ever seen the truck green with envy, popular hot rodding december 1999, it has 20" on the rear as well, the truck was built by Tucci engineering by the way. thank you for the help.

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