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Handfull54 05-03-2012 01:55 PM

Help me find the right springs
I have a 54 Chevy with a big block. I am new to this forum but I am presently using 74-78 V8 springs with a coil cut out. After 500 miles the spring has settled and my lower arms are no longer parallel to the street. The ride is horrible (it was before) so what springs should I use. Someone named Centerline seemed knowledgeable and it would be great to hear from him and others. I was thinking of dropped spindles and not cutting the springs. Mainly I want a nice ride without knocking my fillings out.

mustangstomper 05-03-2012 10:24 PM

with my personal experience with cutting springs you never cut a half coil cause its alot. i usually get the right ride height with a 1/4 cut of a coil.

if you have a small block or a big block with aluminum heads a small block spring will be perfect. if its a iron headed big block u big block springs and just cut a 1/8 th of a spring out and it should be good.

i think you should just get new springs and shocks and install them as is, if you think its a little too high then cut out a 1/8 of a coil at a time, cutting coils changes the spring rate so you want as much coil as you can get.

cornfieldcars 05-07-2012 11:18 AM

It depends a lot on the spring rate of the spring. My 48 chevy p/u for example. I ended up cutting a little over a full coil out to get it where it needed to be and the ride is great. I have another set of springs that were a different rate and cutting a coil on those would not have been good. Find out where you need it and get the springs to match.

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