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Originally Posted by SuthnCustoms
in one night than 5 guys did with stick on the other side of the bin and there is NO DOUBTING it is just as strong if not stronger than stick.......

No doubt at all given equal specs for the alloys. Depending on alloy some MIG wires will be stronger than some stick welds and then sometimes it's just the other way around, just depends on which wire is compared to which rod. But like you said MIG is as strong or stronger then stick-given like alloys. But again many factors determine the choice, outdoor welding if a person does not have a garage all but eliminates MIG unless the operator opts to use flux core wire which will limit his choices of alloys vs stick. But then in most cases we are talking mild steel for home shop work and in the few cases where high strength steels are encountered on cars/trucks then 7018 or the equivalent wire for a MIG is usually all that is needed. The bottom line is there simply is not going to be one machine that's going to be able to do everything and a type of welding that might be ideal for one shop may just be a PITA for anther one. Stick probably comes close to a "do everything" in versatility, steel, Aluminum, cast iron, stainless, etc can all be welded just fine with stick in most cases but sometimes skill levels for certain jobs might be quite demanding. An example might be doing body work with stick, can it be done? Given the right rod and power source it can but is it practical? Not at all and I would not recommend trying it but still stick does have it's place for a lot of welds.
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