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Originally Posted by Chevymon
Almost all of my welding is with sheet metal, and I use the tig for that. It just leaves a soft weld and I can do a continuous bead, which is much quicker, stronger, and without the mig pinholes and porosity. But the most important difference for me is that I can hammer on dolly and bring the metal right back to its original shape without cracking. All the distortion comes from the weld and almost all of it can be taken out by working the weld area.

As I said before, it costs more, can't be used in some positions, and has a learning curve. I spent two weeks practicing 6 or7 hours everyday, but then I could do acceptable work, but I'm still not happy with the weld bead. I think my eyes are more to blame than anything, but for sheet metal I wouldn't even think about using the mig. I usually pull the mig out to do a spot on a temporary brace, so I can get a weak weld that is easily broken, and its easier to do that with a mig.

But like I say, I do almost all sheetmetal with a 110 tig and it fits in a small case. If I'm not using it, the only thing sitting out is the bottle.

The point is that MIG is used far more than TIG for body work, TIG certainly can be used and I never meant it couldn't. This is a good example of what I was talking about when I said that no welding process is going to be a do-every-thing-for-everyone type of machine but still the fact is that for most people MIG will be preferred by a large margin. Quite often I use Oxy/Acetylene for the same reasons you list for using a TIG but most people consider it more trouble than it's worth and I can understand why even though I prefer it in some cases. I think most people will agree that MIG is more versatile than any other process for body sheetmetal and has the most advantages, low cost, ease of use and least amount of hammer/dolly work required. So am I saying that EVERYONE should just abandon everything else and just MIG body panels? Not at all since there can be a place and reason for other processes as well, different strokes for different folks!

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