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Originally Posted by 454 Made in Flint View Post
I live in Flint, I can vouch for AC Delco and much of GM manufacturing being reduced to a vast toxic field of rubble and a city in chaos. I cant really say if plugs made by outsourced plants and foreign workers are inferior or not, but my mildly cammed and built 454 still prefers OE plugs to the aftermarket Accell ones, I pulled them and went back to original because it just didnt feel right, once I got em out THEY WERE COMPLETELY CAKED IN TAN SOOT. Went back to OE Autolite plugs because thats all they had, I hope they last, but im a welder, not an engine guru. From the look of your pictures Id say youre fine for a few thousand miles.
Compare a current AC-Delco RapidFire spark plug with a older ACDelco RapidFire spark plug that was purchased after 2009. I was using AC-Delco Rapid Fire #1 spark plug until I purchased a set of the "new" RapidFire #1 spark plugs that were made in Mexico.

The difference is obvious and they did not even try to hide it. The current "offshore" ACDelco RapidFire #1 spark plugs appear to be nothing more than standard R43TS spark plugs that have been reboxed. The current versions do not have the clipped ground electrode and the center electrode is not a small wire electrode that is supposed to be the visual features of the AC-Delco RapidFire spark plugs. The AC-Delco Electronics Division that made AC-Delco batteries was salvaged when it was sold off to Johnson Controls in Plano, Texas and the battery manufacturing plants in Mexico were closed and moved into the United States.

I suspect the current "ACDelco RapidFire #1" spark plugs are nothing more than standard ACDelco R43TS spark plugs but with the premium platinum spark plug price.

In 1995, the GM AC-Delco Parts Division logo was changed to ACDelco (dropped the hyphen). That occurred after the sell-off of the GM AC-Delco Parts Division to Delphi Automotive, which has also went Chapter 11 bankrupt after the SEC filed suit for irregular accounting practices after investor lawsuits.

In 2006, Delphi closed 21 of the 29 parts manufacturing plants in the United States and Delphi was changed to DPH Holdings Corporation.

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