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I checked the specs on your cam - Duration at 050 inch Lift: 234 int./234 exh. What RPM did you run it at during break-in? What ignition system are yourunning and how much initial and total advance?
I kept the RPMs around 2-3K (normal operation) during the 300 mile trip and 200 or so miles of basically city driving in the last few months.

The ignition is New HEI
I'll have to look into the timing...

I am thinking this is a small block chevy? This is a common problem that happens with some intakes and gasket not being matched properly.If the block has been decked or the wrong port gasket used ,there will be a vacuum leak in the valley and oil will be sucked into the intake and coat the spark plugs much like bad valve guides. Pull intake and see if the cylinder head ports are oily.
This is a possibility and thanks for the tip. I want to do a little more investigation before I start "tearing" into things.

Could be those terrible "Pro Comp" heads. Those are about the worse head you could put on a motor. Probably leaking oil around every valve guide.
I am aware of the reputation of these heads Unfortuneately I did not choose them and it is a very well possibility this is a cause of the oil burning or intake or rings.

It would be a good idea to change the plugs and get a little more run time on it.What you are seeing out coming out the exahust might be excess fuel thats not getting burned completely. Make sure the carb. idle circuit is set correctly andavoid prolonged idling.
I think I read on another post that a carb running rich effect oil burning ?

I guess the first thing I will do to troubleshoot is to make sure the carb is dialed in properly and than do a compression check. Thanks for the tips everyone.

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