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Help?Redid my Mustang Fastback roof (with filler). This is where I always get stuck!

So I had tried to fill it before, but it was still too oil canny.. So I stripped it of filler, and banged and shrunk the dents as best I could (She was bad.. Had many a body man tell me).. I'm no metal worker, but it seems decent now for a giant roof with no support..

So, I smeared it with filler, and this is what one side looks like after 40 grit.

now my question is, do I switch to 80 and a durablock and call it a day (except for the obvious low spots). Seems like an awful lot of filler.

OR, do I try to tap down those high spots (unless the rest of the roof is low). She's a VERY finicky roof though. I'd be terribly upset if tapping one of those down caused the oil canning to come back. I also don't want to crack the filler.

On a side note, what is the correct 'way' to sand this roof? From the sides, I'm doing it towards the middle.. On the front and back, and I'm doing it towards the front and back (x patterns, obviously, but it's a pain to sand in a specific pattern, especially due to the body line down the center).

Secondly, I will be block sanding again with 2k high build (Or, SPI regular build, I guess). What is the advantage for going for a second coat of filler (except to get those low spots)?

But yeah, my main question is, the metal showing through. There is more filler than metal poking through.. I assume that's bad?

Thanks guys, as always, it's appreciated! (I'm getting somewhere.. I think I might almost be ready to jamb it.. Yippee.. 9 years later).

On another side note, I'm not sure if I'm digging this epoxy under the filler.. Doesn't seem as solid to me. Seems the epoxy itself scrapes off easier than the filler would to bare metal.. But that's for a different thread!)
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