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gbowne1 07-24-2006 09:39 PM

Help: Transmission ID
Need help identifying 2 transmissions:

#1 is a TH350. I got it off Craigslist Seattle for really cheap. It came out of a 75 Camaro. I can't see any 7 digit casting # but it has a white bar code sticker that says 9TX and the only other # I saw was MV4 on the pass. side of the tranny. It also has a green wire coming out of a connector on the side of the tranny. Reverse lamp switch? This is a great looking tranny.

The other is a Saginaw. A few of the gears are broken. It cost me $80 + shipping on ebay. Casting #3915032. GM2. I can get other ID info on this but it will take me a couple hours to get to it if it's needed. The tailshaft is #3880042 or 3860042. The casting of the # isn't very clear.

I was going to use either of these in my project car.. but I need the ID info on it.


jimfulco 07-25-2006 01:33 AM has Saginaw ID info. Count the annular rings (if any) around the splined area of the input shaft, and you can get the internal gear ratios from the chart.

carnuck 07-28-2006 12:18 PM

If the vacuum modulator is on the passenger's side near the bell, then it's a TH400. The wire would then be passing gear kickdown.

gbowne1 07-28-2006 01:48 PM

Well, I looked at it again, and there are #'s on the valve body (8641043 amd 8640996) and one stamped into the main casting where it meets the engine on the drivers side, down near the pan, This one is: 22808120245 (the first 2 looks to be doublestamped in error. And, the 0 is a partial stamp, only the left side got stapmed. This a Vechicle ID #?

The round domed thing is on the L (Drivers Side). The thing in the round hole is on the R (Pass. Side)

Somone took the filter out so, I couldn't tell you the filter #.

There's a # on the seal near the shaft. 1243395.

There's also a little teeny wire rod poking through the housing which is connected to a mech on the valve body.

More info on the Saginaw later on.


66ImpSS396 07-28-2006 03:25 PM

Trans ID
Try this

1 Aluminum Powerglide 14 bolts
2 TH200 Metric 11 bolts
3 TH350 13 bolts
4 TH400 13 bolts
5 TH200-4R 16 bolts
6 TH700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E 16 bolts
7 4L80E 17 bolts

Info from Link to website

See also Second web site: The dropbox contains Camaro transmission codes. What SHOULD have been installed, or what was offered for the year selected. Will need to scroll down the page a good bit
transmission ID Web site


gbowne1 07-28-2006 05:03 PM

Well, according to that photo, it looks like #3 and has 13 bolts that I took out with a 1/2 or 13mm socket.

Know anyone that makes replacement gears for the Saginaw?


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