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lucas_04 11-10-2003 09:57 PM

Help using my B&M Ratchet Shifter!!!!!
I got a B&M pro Ratchet Shifter from a friend a while back and I really wasnt using it......Recently i have had the need to use it on my current project and I have no clue how the stupid thing works....I have not installed it yet because i am need of a shift cable but i still can not figure out how in the world it works!!! there is a lil red lever on the right hand side and it moves back and fourth.....Can someone please explain how this contraption works and if i am missing any peices....also what is that lil red lever? By the way I do not have the cover or casing that goes with it.....thanks in advance!!!

funatnight 11-11-2003 06:48 AM

It has been awhile since I used a ratchet shifter but here it goes.... The little red lever is the reverse lockout lever. Hold that down while shifting to get the shifter in reverse. From there you can shift into park by lifting up on the shifter and moving it forward (I think). If you are in reverse and you want to go into the gears you just pull back to go through the gears.
I hope that this helps out.

Joker420 11-12-2003 07:02 PM

What kind is it exactly? I have a B & M Megashifter in my Firebird. I know there are a few of them out there so Im not sure if my input will help. BUT, as far as how it works mine has the t-handle along with a levere in front. Full up on the levere to come from park to gears, and then again to get from Neutral to reverse and park.

lucas_04 11-13-2003 09:11 AM

It is a B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter it has no pull handle in is how funatnight explained......i still cant figure out the little red lever??? after i shift from drive to low i have to use the lever to get it back up through the gears....

Joker420 11-13-2003 02:58 PM

Sorry I couldnt help bro.

tm454 11-13-2003 03:20 PM

Ratchet shifter=pain in the *****. My 53 pro-street chevy has one in it and it a real pain to use!!! Grab ball, lift up pull back once to change gears, pull back again to change to another gear, ratchet...ratchet ...ratchet!!


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