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younguyw/oldcrap 05-29-2004 07:44 PM

HELP! very stange metal on metal upper bushings on a chevelle, is this factory?
ok, im not the most experianced one around, but i can say iv never seen this, and i cant even find anything resembling it online, so here it goes

i went to replace the upper control arm bushings on my 64 chevelle today, and i thought they looked odd, but i had no idea untill i got into it. your standard upper control arm shaft has to machined ends, with a threaded holt for a bolt, or a threaded end for a nut, usally somthing small like 9/16 or so. the bushings are rubber, with a metal sleeve in the center, covered by a metal tube, usually with a flange. not mine, they have ver large, over one inch hex head peices that have a grease fitting in the center, and have dullish large threads on the outside, and coarser threads on the inside, and they thread onto the control arm, which is threaded and onto the shafe, which is slightly shorter then an average shaft, and has no smooth surface, but big coarse threads. and the whole setup pivots on the inner threads, this is messed!

what do i do? i have a new shaft kit, and this is fine and dandy, but the regualr rubber bushings will not go into the control arm, the hole is too small, and its threaded, if i reamed or drilled the hole to be the right size, it looks like there would be no hole, well, the important part of the hole that sticks out like a tube would be gone, this wouldnt work

are replacement bushings available for this stuff? is this some type of aftermarket junk from the 70's? the control arms looks stock, they have the same grease and rust patterns as the rest of the car. please help!!

jimfulco 05-30-2004 12:27 AM

Sounds like the bushings from an old Chevy car or pickup. Think some previous owner may have modified it?

younguyw/oldcrap 05-30-2004 12:48 AM

its definitly a possibility, as they are not the original ball joints, they have nuts and bolts, not rivits.

but that would have to be one of the few things ever modifyed on the car, as its extreemly original.

i have asked some other people, they seem to thing the shaft i showed them was for a chevy truck as well

could this be factory?

adtkart 05-30-2004 05:17 AM

It has been many years, but I remember seeing some control arm shafts that were designed to be greased. It seems to me that they were some kind of replacement item. Maybe it was because of squeeking. Hopefully someone that worked on them things regularly can remember the deal with them. I knew a guy that had one of them a few years ago, and don't remember that set-up on his. Then again, his may have been changed.

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