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65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 10:45 AM

Help with the wet sand
The car is primered. My brother is the master, but now we are fighting and I need help.
First of all I have never mixed paint and chemicals. The trunk has not been primered yet and there are spots he has showing from the last primer wetsand. The body is straight and ready for final primer stage where I need to cover
The car is dusty from sitting 1 week. What should I do at this point? Do I clean the car with wax/grease remover? Should I clean the bondoed trunk with that cleaner before I spray? And what pressure do I need set on my primer sprayer?
If I am correct I mix 2 parts primer and one part what ever is in that small can, right?
I clean the car, use a tacky cloth and I am good to go?
and what help can you give me with the single stage paint?
Please feel free to give me suggestions...i am scared of doing this by myself...but i got to while the weather is good. Help me get to the next stage. I sparay the primer and then wet sand a final time ,right? What kind of paper? 2000?

scrot 08-21-2009 03:31 PM

Grasshopper, Confucius thinks Grasshopper should wait for Master to help with paint, so Grasshopper don't **** it up.

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 04:01 PM

Thanks for the help..
Well...Thanks. I was really hoping my visit here would be worth a dang.

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 04:04 PM

330 posts and thats all you can say?
For realz, is this just one of those wiki sites? Anyone know of a forum that I can get answers? I am limited on time and am about to just go by feel.

scrot 08-21-2009 04:48 PM

Grasshopper, the point is that if you want to do it right, you can't rush it. You have to be patient. Grasshopper has failed. :mad:

rcrobbins 08-21-2009 04:58 PM

I think you just need to slow down and do some reading. On forums, not every question can be answered in 6 hours. I think there are a lot of holes in your questions and painting with a good outcome is all about taking your time and research. I'll try to provide what little help I can with the lack of specifics.
1) Blow the car off with an air hose, mix mild soap and water in a spray bottle and soak it down, get a squeegee and get as much water off as you can. Next take a rag, put some grease/wax remover on it and wipe 1 panel at a time followed by a clean rag to lift the dirt and help it dry. Move to the next panel with clean rags for those steps. Once you're done, wait for the remover to evaporate off the trunk. Put on plastic gloves, get a tack rag and lightly wipe the spots you will be applying primer to.
2) The mixing ratio for the primer should be on one of the 2 cans (1:1, 2:1, 4:1, and so on). Match it up to the ratio on the measuring cup, fill it to the first line in the first column with primer and up to the matching number in the next column with reducer. Mix thoroughly, pour it through a paper strainer into the gun. All guns are different and have different psi settings, find out what yours is, set it, open the fan to full, and the fluid around 2 turns out. This is just a guesstimate, getting the spray pattern is set by adjusting it while shooting at scrap paper to get an ideal pattern. Once you have it close enough that you feel you can put it down, shoot the trunk with 1 coat, let it dry for around 2 hours to be safe, wetsand it out with 400 on block to get the texture out and have an even surface, then to 600 on block to smooth it. Now you're ready for paint
3) I wouldn't attempt to shoot paint if I wasn't 100% comfortable from shooting a test panel or piece of practice metal. Now is the time when you can really screw yourself over and all the hard work will look like...something you don't want to drive... I suggest you get so far as having the primer ready for paint, since you're in a rush. Then take a day or two researching the paint, your gun, settings, and just general tips. Don't waste your time and efforts up until this point just to screw it up for a sunny day. There will be others, I promise.
4) Get on good terms with your brother and have him guide you through your learning experience.

matt167 08-21-2009 05:07 PM

we'll need a bit more info to give exact advice. but you would mix the primer at the suggested ratio... if it's an epoxy, it would be about a 1:1 with the activator.. but it'll show the exact on the can... as far as spray gun. if it's a standard gun, ither siphon or gravity.. right around 45-60 PSI the gun will operate.. I always wetsand with a little dish soap and 220-400 grit. depending on how rough it is... the procedures are all pretty simple but complicated to someone who has never done it before... my suggestion would be to get on good terms with your brother, and then have him teach you.. it's not hard to learn. but you really can't teach youself.. I did, but I practiced by painting junk fenders till I got it right

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 06:43 PM

I have looked around the car and identified all of the spots needing a coat. I watched how he used a straight stick with the sand paper, i understand that concept and can identify my low spots. Nothing seems to low that one more coat would not fill.
I do just have that trunk and some touch of the spray in areas to be ready for paint.
I did figure how to mix. Thanks for the PSI info...I was mostly worried there.
When I wipe down the car, one rag in one hand and the cleaner on the other, will I expect to see any streaks? Or do those light grey stokes have to be completely gone?
I did get my answers from the two of you, so I really appreciate it. :)

rcrobbins 08-21-2009 07:40 PM

No, you shouldn't see any residue. I use the paper blue shop towels, $1.99 a roll. Rip one off, fold it into 3rd's, and pour a little remover down the center. Whenever it get's dry just unfold it to a new side to get the whole panel to a shine. Now do the same with the clean rag without remover and go in circles, unfolding whenever you get gray/dirt/dust on one side. Never be afraid to throw a dirty one out. I haven't had any fish eyes yet! Also, my shop rule of thumb is from the time a car comes in till it leaves, no one touches it until they have nitrile gloves on. No exceptions, not even the owner of the car.

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 07:46 PM

I was wonering about the gloves...
Nitril Gloves? Should I not even touch any bondo(also wondering). Will the gloves deposit any residue?

matt167 08-21-2009 07:54 PM

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only use wax and grease remover on the primer.. it might streak at first if there is a contaminant but, just keep cleaning till it's gone

As a little inspiration, visit my projects website here .. I started it 5 years ago when I was 16 and below is the most recent pic of it.. it's really a grape purple but, camera plays tricks on some colors

matt167 08-21-2009 07:57 PM


Originally Posted by 65AmazonforDestiny
Nitril Gloves? Should I not even touch any bondo(also wondering). Will the gloves deposit any residue?

you can find them at an auto parts place, or even an autobody supply.. they won't leave residue, pretty much just a special rubber

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 08:16 PM

Thanks Matt
It is Matt right, :) I started in on this one last fall. The prvious owner started restoration, but ground the side studs off where a strip of chrome was (many volvo owners are doing this for looks). Apparently, it warped some metal, but my brother fixed all that weeks ago..
I had my brother come in and help, but we had some problems that can'r be resolved, so....
He primered and wet sanded a few times, and guide coated it this last time, so I see like three places that the guide coat specks barely sanded, but did sand when he straight sticked and wet primered. He has the whole car 95% primered.
The trunk was never primered. After I sanded the whole car where there would be bondo filler, I remember him saying that you always clean before you so something ...with the wax grease remover. Even the Bondo. my opinion....the car is straight.He did great on that I have looked at it under different angles of lighting the body is fine. I have about 1/5 of a can of primer left and only a few spots, the trunk lid and of course after all this is done...I will have under the hood (which is only needing a scruff with scotch bright and a few interior spots. I know not to do these(hood.trunk) until after i paint(seperate because of the contaminants, still needs sanding.) this point the car itself is smooth as a babies ***....except the trunk which he had just sticked down with his 40 grit over a location that was over a foot wide.. I am curious as to if I just clean it with the wax grease remover and I can practice on it with the gun (after I practice on the junk trunk lid that is off another car.? I think I can do this..I know I can. I just want to be 100% sure of what to do next. Tomorrow I will clean it down, touch up the spray and give the trunk its first coat. I most likely will need more primer, but he said we had will see.
I just bought brand new guns(my daughter did)...a kit of 3. Cleaning the gun is important, I know. What would help me in all this is someone giving me an idea as to how long can the primer sit in the gun. And what cleaner i use on it?
I will go visit your project. I am working on loading some of our pics . How do I start a project file?


matt167 08-21-2009 08:25 PM

primer can sit in the gun only a short period of time b4 it starts to clot.. probably shouldn't let it sit anymore than like 15 mins..

to start a project journal. just click project journal on the top of the page.. then sign in and you can then create a journal

65AmazonforDestiny 08-21-2009 08:28 PM

Thanks again Matt.
Thanks...That would have been a bummer to let it sit too long. I will work on creating a project file in about 4 hrs or so...when Destiny gets off work. I will go visit your project now.

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