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Hey guys....

Starting to get to the point where i'm going to start buying parts for my engine. The plan is to build a SBC 400 and destroke it to a 377 so I can still have a great amout of HP, parts are easy to find and I can have a nice high side rev.

The plan is a Small Block 400ci block with the following rotating assembly.

I'm not sure WHICH of these i'm going to go with but i think i like the flat top (I've heard a lot of people use them and I figure that if they were that bad i would have heard more bad things about them) but if anyone can make any other suggestions I'm open to them.

THe heads.... Prolly Cast VORTEC heads from GM performance. LIke 289 a head. And i hear the performance is pretty good.

I think i'm limited to what I can use for intakes with those heads so i'll prolly use a polished alum intake made for them.

Carb will prolly be a bolt on of some kind (edelbrock?)

CAM? Geez, I don't know. Suggestions are VERY VERY encourages on this. For the sake of arguement i'm going to throw out this (i'm SURE it's wrong though)

Let's say .470 lift 270 duration @ .050 ?????

If anyone can guess at some HP/Tq #'s i'd love to hear them. I tried destktop dyno but i'm not smart enough to make it function.

Can anyone think of anything that i haven't listed here?

Any other predeictions, warning, cheaper prices or suggested upgreades are MORE THAN WELCOME.

And in advance, YOU GUYS ROCK!!! This is the best board on the net and i will try to help out anyone else that i can.

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