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JimmyP 11-20-2004 01:23 PM

hey hey
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Well I guess this it the place I say hello and tell you all a little about myself. Im a 27 year old contractor living in Southern California. I've been a car guy since before i could drive. I guess it started when i was 14. I saved all my allowance for a while and bought a 1969 VW bug that was a total basket case. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I got a book and started taking it apart. The pamona swap meet bacame my second home for the next two years. By the time I got my licence it was finished. Now Ill be the first to admit, it wasnt the greatest restoration but none the less it was something to be proud of. I did it all myself, with the exception of paint of course. Since then ive done quite a few cars for myself and friends and family, mostly late sixties cars. two cornets, a nova, chevelle, another vw, a 65 mustang, ect. but never a full-on fab job. I just got married in may of this year and needless to say it was the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Im a lucky man, my wife is amazing. she never complains about the long hours in the garage, of the last min. drives to shows and swap meets. bless her. But to top this all off, for a wedding present, her cousin Joel gave to us what I think was the greatest gift, a 1946 chevy panel truck. A quick word on Joel. Everyone knows a Joel, he's the guy with a dozen cars in his yard in various stages of completion he's got a couple 32s, a track T, and he has two of the most impresive 40s cab over haulers i've seen, i think in his shop i saw a 40s fire truck too, but im not sure there are so many there its hard to tell where one ends and the others begin. Anyway its needless to say he's a true gray beard no offence to those who fit this discription its a tile of honor. back to the '46. I saw the truck at a BBQ at joel's the year before. It was out behind his garage with weeds growing up through the missing panels in the floor. It was love at first sight. this thing is so different than what you normaly see around. i asked a few questions and i guess he got the idea to give it to us for a wedding present. So i looked it over and assesed the problems and came to the conclusion it couldn't be restored, primarily because of the lack of replacement parts and my limited buget. So a hot rod it will become. Well since then ive got a lot done. Ill save the details for the next time I post, but I'll put in some pics of the panel as I found it in my drive way when we returned from our honeymoon. nice to meet you all and untill next time keep roddin.

29modela 11-20-2004 02:51 PM

wow. that will be one hell of a ride when you're done. that's a sweet present, i wish i got presents like that..i just purchased a 29 model a sedan, its pretty much in the same shape as yours. but it will be fun to make a hot rod out of..i have pics at Welcome from wpg, can.

46chevypanel 12-03-2004 02:17 PM


That is indeed a great present. I have been looking for a 46 chevy panel for the last 6 months. I guess I need to marry my wife again. Where in Socal are you? I would love to check out the progress. I am in Orange County.


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