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Post Hey Phat....need more clues???

Just finished the installation of a '95 Mustang power rack as you suggested under my '40 Buick.I made it all work, but some questions answered could have saved me mucho time I think. According to the paperwork from Fatman when I bought the front stub, power rack and complete frontend assembly, I was sold an '88 model power rack and pinion from NAPA. I went to my parts store and compared to the '95 model. When I put the '95 on, the driver side inner tie rod end had to be cut off about 1 1/2", the passenger tie rod end was just right. The kit from Fatman with the '88 rack has you to install about a 4" extention on the passenger side tie rod to make it long enough to reach the spindle. this was eliminated with the '95 rack. The biggest problem I encountered was the tie rod ends for both sides that fit the '88 rack were the wrong thread for the '95 rack. The '88 rack had 9/16-18 threads and the '95 rack has metric. According to the parts store, they changed racks in '94, several years prior to that took the same tie rod end threads I had on the '88, but after '94 they were different. He couldn't tell me what thread they were, and I never measured them, but they just about have to be MM instead of standard thread, nothing else came close. The tie rod ends used by Fatman were not from an '88 or '95, just something that would work. The '95 tie rod ends were too long to use and the inner tie rods wouldn't have enough threads left if I cut them off to make the tie rod ends work. I finally cut the threads on the inner tie rods to a 9/16-18 to match my tie rod ends. The '95 rack tie rods appear to be a little tapered on the threaded end, as the tie rod ends I used would thread on up to about an inch, then get so hard you could not turn them anymore. The tie rod end would go on the '88 rack all the way till it bottomed out, a full 2". After recutting the threads, which really did nothing more than cut them slightly deeper, everything worked well. Have you ever had this problem with the '94 up racks???which tie rod end do you use that matches these racks. This would have solved my problem by getting an end like I had, but in the different thread, just couldn't find the correct one. I also installed an new(remanufactured) power steering pump as mine stared to whine very badly. I used the factory valve and did not re-install the aftermarket valve that is supposed to reduce the pressure for a Ford rack/GM pump. I haven't had a chance to drive it, but while bleeding the system, It did appear that it was gonna be a much better steering car, not near as easy or quick feeling. I will know when I get it on the road to the front end shop. I am also going to have at least 6 degrees castor put in it if it can be done, per your suggestion. I want this Buick to drive like a car should, not like a go-cart...too dangerous with that quick of steering...cant even jam to ZZ TOP when I'm cruising...may wind up in the ditch if I get to Jukin' to hard.....
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