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thanks, snkbyt, for all the info. I had what Fatman sent me with the complete front stub assembly for my car, which came with an '88 model rack. It also required an extention to make the right tie rod end long enough to reach the spindles, this was also included in the kit. Everything installed as per the instuctions, the alignment well within tollerance, and I did try one of the lower pressure valves in the GM pump. It still steered like a go cart, too quick. Phat told me to try the '95 Mustang rack and change my castor to 6-8 degrees, and after talking to several other folks, they all agreed, at least about the castor. No one knew about the rack. When I took it to the front end shop for re-alignment, with the new '95 power rack on it, it was set on about 2 degrees castor. It drove very much better and a lot slower steering with the new rack as opposed to the '88 rack. They were almost identical lock to lock in turns, about 3 3/4 turns, but the newer rack made the car drive much better. After I had the castor changed to about 7.5, it made it even better. It is harder to turn at slow speeds, but I have power steering, so it's not as hard as manual steering, just harder to turn than before. At highway speeds, it is also much more managable. Before, if you blinked, you swapped lanes. Now it is much more like what I am used to driving(Chevy pickup). The biggest set back is the different threads on the tie rod ends, nothing really major, but it would be nice to find the correct thread for the tie rod ends from the parts store. I know they are not '88 or '95 tie rod ends, I looked at both. they may fit a John Deere, who knows, I just needed a pair like the ones I had, only in the correct thread to make it all a simple, easy bolt on application. So far, it is all much better, and in the next couple of weeks, I hope to put enough miles on it to really check it out....
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