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Phat, I appreciate all the information you have passed on and with any luck at all, it will work for me. It already has totally changed the car, which will take some getting used to, but it is so much better than before, it is like a different car. The power rack made considerable difference alone, but when the front end man drove it before he set everything, he commented that it was kinda squirrelly...I told him he should have tried it before if he thinks it's too quick with the new rack. He commented also about how straight and true the front stub and suspension was put under the car and I explained to him all the steps I went thru to assure it would be right before the final weld up took place. Lots of reference points, lots of measuring, and plumb bobbing to points on the floor and marking everything BEFORE the first cut was ever made. I referenced everything but the door handles almost, but it paid off. There was no trouble getting about 7.5 degrees castor, but much more would have been a problem, or should I say some retrofit work and possible grinding to make it happen. Everything else remained within tollerance, although he "tweaked" all the settings to make sure it came in as designed. As time goes on and I get used to driving it, the car will be much better and safer. Right now it seems hard to steer, but it was so quick before, any change the other way is going to feel "hard to steer". I had another annoyance develop that I havent been able to put my finger on why just yet. The week before I changed all of this, the power steering pump (GM, '73 Caddy vintage) started to whine and groan. It was low on fluid, so I refilled it, twice to make sure it was back up to par. It would quiten down, but after a few miles, it would start to groan again. I replaced it with a new(remanufactured) pump when I did the power rack, and removed the restrictor valve I had put in it and put the stock valve back. Once I had the system bled, it quited down with the new pump, but still has a bit of a whine to it. This NEVER happened with the old pump,old rack, at all until just a week before I changed all of it out. Got me stumped, new everything, but the whine wont go away. It doesnt appear to be belt related, it's not loose or squealing like a loose belt. Any ideas??? I have not checked the fluid after putting some 20 miles on the car, it is possible it could still have air in it and just have to work itself out in time. If you can find out what tie rod ends work, it may help the next person down the line, I cant change mine now as I have re-threaded the ends for the 9/16-18 thread. I am sure the '95 ends had metric thread, just failed to measure them before I changed them. What ever it took, I had to make my tie rod ends work, couln't find a suitable replacement, at least not in the ones I got to research. If the same style ends were available in the metric thread,(and I feel sure they are, just need to find out what they fit in real life so I know what to ask for) it would have been a cake walk to change it all out and make it work.
I've said more than enough on this post, once again, thanks for all the information. It surely helped my situation...PACO
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