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Originally Posted by oldred View Post
That's a good tip about buying extra nozzles because even a good quality 1/8" nozzle becomes a 1/4" nozzle fairly quickly!
Here's something I did I'd be glad to pass along.
I bought my sandblasting unit at Tractor Supply. I also bought the sand and tips there. My blaster is the Siphon type
As you know they have about 5 different sizes of ceramic tips, and tips are EXPENSIVE if you do much blasting.
I figure I have already saved hundredS of dollar with this idea.

I took the tip I planned on using most all the time (I think it was the largest one). I bought a 4 foot section of brake line tubing.
It fit just about exactly into that size hole of the tip. I cut off several small lengths of the tubing (just a tiny bit longer than the ceramic tip - maybe a big 1/8 inch)
Then I flaired the end of the brake line.
I put it into the ceramic tip; and with the end being flaired was held in place by the flair.

Then I use the blaster just like it was made. I watch the end of the tip and when the brake line material wears away, I stop, put in a new line, and go back to blasting. I am still using the original ceramic tip and I have used it over a year. It simply just wears away the brake line, and gets no wear to the tip itself. If you are doing this on a budget, you can't beat this.

ALSO... while I am thinking about it, I use "Black Diamond" sand blasting medium (also from Tractor Supply). It's about $8 per 50# bag.
DON'T just use this stuff once, sweep it up and throw it away.
While it's true that new material has more 'teeth' and will blast better,.. you can use the same medium over and over.
I bought six bags when I started, and so far I have blasted my entire cab (inside), the truck bed (two times); inner fenders, tailgate, front of bed, and other assorted items.
I just make sure I blast on a heavy tarp (or something to keep it off the ground and "clean"). Then sweep it up and strain it as you put it back into the hopper. I use a screen from a regular home storm window. Lets the blast medium through, and filters out anything else.

Hope this helps

OH you folks were talking about compressors. I hook two compressors together and they don't fun full time. Between them they keep about 110+ pounds of air made while in use - plenty for me to blast with. They both make up to 150# before shutting off.
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