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Mike morgan who has been in a bunch of magazines is running over 14:1 compression in his 406 SBC. Now hes running more duration @ .050 than alot of you guys want to run actual duration. {280 somthing @ .050} Oh and he drives it on the street. But it all comes back to how much actual duration your cam has. If your running a little 262 advertised duration cam then your compression max will probably be around 9:1 or so but if you get up around 295-300 then you can run 11:1 and be fine. Duration bleeds off cylinder pressure so the more duration your cam has the more compression you need. This has NOTHING to do with lift, just duration. Hell my buddy who just joined the board has a 350 chevy hes running aprox 10.5:1 with a 312 advertised cam and he can run it on 87 without fiddleing with the timing or anything, just pumped the gas and drove. So dont believe that "9.5:1 is the safe max" because thats a load of crap. It all comes down to cylinder pressure. Correct me if im wrong here but 180 psi is ideal, i believe 190 psi is about the safe max. And 200 Is about the absolute limit for a 93 octane motor but dont quote me on that.
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