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mustang 671 10-10-2010 02:10 PM

holley 600 carb specs for my weiand 671 . HELP !!!
hi all. have been working on my car all day. dumped the old fuel and cleared the lines and re filled with 99 pump gas . i have 2x vac secs 600 holleys on 671 weiand on 351w. this is what i have

-secondary springs are colour purple
-i have prefix 70 jets in both primary metering blocks and 1 of the sec metering blocks as the other cannot be fitted due to no room
-power valves have prefix 65
-acc pump cam is colour orange ( i think, as i havent seen the shade of brown) not sure which position it is in.
-diapghram on the acc pump is colour green ( not sure if they have different ones ?)

so my question is are there any changes that i need to do that are obvious at this stage ? i need to order some bits from holley this week so can always order some other bits from the reccomendations from you all. i have previously set out my engine specs in a previos post (671 weiand blower 351w engine) i have a high lift crane cam. 7.48.1 cr. blower underdriven 13% so hoping for around 6-8 psi to begin with.

i have set my inital timing at 12d btdc and total at 28d btdc all in at 3000rpm.
does this sound about right to get it started and running so i can run in my cam. its a fresh engine and only has had 5 min or running time so far.

had timing issues previous which i hopefully have got better to start with. i have a omex ecu that is open to be played with . so i can put in what figures i want,

it starts at 450 rpm on the bottom scale and the side scale going up is engine load from 1% to 99% . the rpm goes up by around 400 rpm for each incrament.


49 i can put any degree figure in this table

what do you think as a start before i go to the dyno so i can run it in for 500 miles

thanks guys

mustang 671 10-11-2010 01:56 PM

also i have a tube coming off the base under the primary float bowl. it goes into the butterflys on the bottom of the carb . is this a tube for my vacum hose for my manifold ? if not whats it for ??

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