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AutoGear 10-09-2012 09:22 AM

Holley Annihilator Ignition Systems
I ran into an old friend who used to work for a local speed shop who went out of business. He picked up a few odds and ends; including 1 each of the P/N 800-100 and 800-200. Hes not sure if he wants to get rid of them, but he owes me a few favors. I'm not real familiar with them; I knew one guy who had the Pro setup (maybe the -400?) and it seemed to do everything but give him a 'happy ending'. I don't 'need' either of these setups, I've had the same Crane Fireball ignition in several cars since ~1998 (I think). I was never really thrilled with the MSD stuff all my friends had; several problems, terrible customer service, etc.

Can someone give me a breakdown on these 2 units (the 800-100 and 800-200) and are there any pitfalls (like 'you MUST use 'X' coil' or 'don't buy the kit unless it includes [insert unobtanium part here]).

Lastly are there any known issues or spare parts I may want to be aware of?

cdminter59 10-09-2012 02:06 PM

Holley Annihilator Ignition systems
Here is a comparison from Car Craft magazine. Who makes it? Holley
What's it called? HP Annihilator
PN: 800-100
Ease of Installation: The Holley box connects to any OE or aftermarket distributor including points, HEI, or magnetic pick up. It can also be used with any make of magnetic crank trigger.
Dimensions: 6.20x4.20x2.55 inches
Weight: 4.55 pounds
Maximum Operating RPM: 16,000
Claimed Voltage Output: 525
Claimed Spark Energy Output: 135 millijoules
Features: Multiple sparks with the HP Annihilator are provided up to 3,000 rpm through 22 1/2 degrees of crankshaft rotation. The HP's microprocessor is very accurate at controlling the built-in rev limiter because it's not affected by temperature or humidity. The limiter works up to 9,900 rpm in 100-rpm increments and is accurate to plus or minus 10 rpm. The HP will work with any Holley Lasershot or aftermarket coil designed for capacitive discharge. As for power requirements, the Holley will run on as little as 10 volts-the system shuts off at 7 volts. The HP easily connects to any electric tach and is compatible with any 12-, 16-, 18-, or 24-volt negative-ground system and will provide enough juice for engines making up to 700 hp.
Typical street or mail-order price range: $150-$170

Who makes it? Holley
What's it called? Strip Annihilator
PN: 800-200
Dimensions: Strip Annihilator box: 6.60x- 4.20x2.55 inches; Quickshot programmer: 4.60x2.75x0.90 inches.
Weight: Strip Annihilator: 4.55 pounds; Quickshot programmer: 3/4 pound
Maximum Operating RPM: 16,000
Claimed Voltage Output: 525
Claimed Spark Energy Output: 135 millijoules
Features: With several more features than the standard HP Annihilator unit, the Strip Annihilator is a serious race box, compatible with any brand and type of distributor-be it points, an HEI, or a magnetic pickup. This box has three rev limiters that can be random or sequential; each is adjustable in 100-rpm increments to any rpm. One is always active, while two are actuated by external switches such as a Line-Loc solenoid, trans brake, or delay box. Unlike the other boxes shown here, Holley's Quickshot programmer allows all the settings of the system to be adjusted through a handheld detachable unit. The two-digit LED readout, soft-touch keypad, and 5-foot cable make it easy to read while sitting in the car. Once programmed, the programmer can be removed and stored or left connected for its built-in digital tach. As with the HP, the Strip will run on as little as 10 volts, but shuts off at 7 volts.
Typical street or mail-order price range: $290-$310

Read more: Ignition Box Comparison - Car Craft Magazine

AutoGear 10-09-2012 02:39 PM

Interesting. Seems like if Im going to acquire one, I should get the -200; even if Im not going to use it all as the -100 is similar to my Fireball

Unless... I can talk him out of both. LOL

cdminter59 10-09-2012 03:23 PM

Holley Annihilator Ignition System
Here is some good info on the 800-200. The only info I could find from other forums on the 800-100 was that they were not satisfied with it. Said MSD 6AL was better. Everyone were extremely satisfied with the 800-200 because of all the bells and whistles. I wonder why Holley quit making ignition boxes, MSD came along making them less expensive?

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