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powerwagon 10-09-2003 03:25 PM

Holley two barrel on a chrysler 318 problem
Recently I went to swap out a carter BBD 2 with a two barrel holley 2300-7448. The vehicle I am doing this to is a 1977 dodge power wagon with a stock 318 and an automatic tranny. It was no suprise when I realized I need to change the intake for it to fit, however I have no idea which intake to get. I tried to find something in Summit racing, but they (and many other sites) only carry four barrel intakes. I need to know what kind of intake can accomodate a holley two barrel and where I can get it.
Thank you.

4 Jaw Chuck 10-09-2003 03:42 PM

You will probably have to purchase a four barel intake and then buy an adapter plate to convert from to four to two. I would recomend a smallish dual plane meant for economy. I'm not really fond of the adapter plate idea but it works, why not rebuild a Carter and use it? Lots of two barrel Chryco intakes out there that take a Carter two barrel, for the price of the spacer you could almost buy a used carb and intake plus a rebuild kit for the two barrel carb.

Robinson Robin 10-09-2003 08:42 PM

The 318's use a smaller bolt pattern for the carb I ran into the same problem. you can get a 2 barrel from a 360 and it will work with the carb but the ports will be to large to match up to the heads very well and it will hurt flow. I think 4 jaw is right you may have to go with a 4 barrel and adaptor to use the holley. Another way is to get 360 heads too but unless you change the pistions you will have a low compression ratio because they have more volume.

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