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Dilbert 02-10-2009 11:06 PM

Holley variant choke questions, carb recommendations
I currently have a Road Demon 625 on my Chevy 283 equipped 67 Malibu (came with the car when I bought it..probably a bit much for the stock 283 :) ) and noticed that the electric choke mechanism on it (and a lot of Holley variants for that matter) seems a bit "dodgy". The carb sat for a while (along with the car), and even after spraying it with carb cleaner, the linkage still sticks from time to time and there's a bit of side play in it.. The first carb I ever dealt with was an Edelbrock Performer, and it's choke mechanism seemed much more robust...all metal parts... The Holley variants seem to have a bunch of plastic parts in the choke mechanism and just appears fragile overall...

The Edelbrock equiped car I had years ago was easy to start, but had a noticeable bog at WOT and thecarb needed to be rebuilt due to some casting shavings being left in it after assembly from the factory...

So far I do like the Holley variants, but the choke assembly really bugs me... I'm wondering if the manual choked BGs and Holleys do away with the plastic parts and have more robust choke assemblies, or if they still have plastic in there and are just as fussy.. :confused:

I may swap the 283 out for a 400 SBC I have ready to assemble, but I may also keep it in my Malibu for the time being and do some head, manifold, and carb swapping so it runs a bit better (has some oil burning issues that I'm diagnosing now..)..

So at the moment, I'm looking for a good reliable carb that has a smooth operating choke (be it electric or manual), doesn't have casting issues, has ample replacement parts, and will perform well on a pretty much stock cammed and headed 283 with the stock powerglide trans and converter (the engine does have headers and duals installed)...

Any suggestions??

302 Z28 02-11-2009 07:39 AM

I think you are needlessly worrying about something that gives no problems. I have been using Holley carbs for over 30+ years and have never had a choke problem. Plastic parts are in just about all carbs and TBI's.


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