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alex_0227 03-27-2005 04:02 PM

Homemade oilpan?
I'm a little tight for money here, so is it possible to take some sheet metal and make an oil pan instead of buying one?


crazy larry 03-27-2005 04:38 PM

HOW DO YOU THINK the custom oil pan guys make 'em?

only problems i can think of, is starting with a less than desirable gasket flange might cause it to be leak prone. If you had a crapped out pan with a decent flange, you have a great starting point. CStraub i believe, is in the custom pan business, he'd be the cat to ask.
but yes, you can. 03-27-2005 05:11 PM

Make sure you bolt your pan to a block while welding it up. Nothing worse than a finished product that won't bolt down.

woodz428 03-27-2005 05:12 PM

Larry's correct, if you start with a factory pan rail it isn't a big deal to craft a pan. I've modified several, reversed the sump and made T-pans....whatever is needed for the application. I think a lot of aftermarket custom pans start with a factory rail for the same reason as Larry said.

mikev 03-27-2005 05:36 PM

You could check out swap meets also, you could get lucky. Especially if you just want a paintable stock pan.

docvette 03-27-2005 06:35 PM

Oil Pan

Originally Posted by alex_0227
I'm a little tight for money here, so is it possible to take some sheet metal and make an oil pan instead of buying one?


Doc here :pimp:


Everything is Possible...The only limiting factors are Physics, Funding, Ability, available tools & raw material, and motivation...

I have always found, If I can lay it out in flow chart style, in my mind (Thought Process) , It is like a template I can transfer to the real world...

6 of the products I now manufacture started out as a "Thought" that progressed to (still in the thought stage) "How would I do it?" and "What would it take to make it feasible Do", "What what I need"?...all the way to a go no go mental "Flow~Chart" process before I ever even put pen to paper...and you may think about it for months before you proceed....

Case in point, To fill a need for a no longer made Tach buffer...(I needed one real bad for an old Vette)

I did a little research, found it consisted of 4 discrete electronic components, Inside a housing that looks like a noise suppressor on a coil...

looking in my Electronic "Junk-box" found the 2 resistors and 2 capacitor's (actually 500 of each..I buy in bulk) required to comprise the series parallel Circuit...

Next, (and, still within the thought process) figured out that the metal tube GM used was nothing more than 1/2 EMT some of that..($1.10 per 10 feet..) cut it into 3 inch segments, dipped those in Comp orange paint.
Soldered up the components with 3 leads , 2 ~18 ga White, 1~ 18 Ga black.(HEI Tach lead, Tach, and ground)

MADE two wooden blocks using a 1/2 reamer (To get a "Conical" Shape on each end) and Drilled with 2 on one end one on the other, 1/8 hole out each side(to get the wires through..) inserted and centered the electronic components in the conduit and filled that with epoxy...

Got some GENERAL MYSTERY single terminal plugs (To mate with the Stock harness) and Wala! A Tach buffer is born....

I did all this on my living room table (much to the dismay of those around me)

My point here, Is If you can conceive the idea in your mind and make it work in thought...and are of at least Average Ability, You can produce ANYTHING...within the laws of Physics, Cash in your pocket, tools you have, or can borrow or rent, and Just how badly do you want / Need it...

What is it they said about NECESSITY..was somebody's mother...? Find a need and fill it!

Never Discard a good idea, Especially if there is a NEED for it...If you have to, "Shelve" it for a later date, (which gives you more thought/planning room)but follow it out...and If you fail...nobody HAS to know but you...

This is Where Rodding got it's start! SOMEBODY had to think all this stuff up...and bring it into the real world....

Doc :pimp:

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