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Homemade tire dollies

I have a one car garage to work in.

With a welder, workbench, tools, drill press, pedestal grinder, etc, its kind of tight quarters in there when you roll in a vehicle to work on.

If I had some tire dollies to put under the tires of whatever Im wrenchin on, I could roll it to one side or the other for more access room around it.

I searched the web and found out that the cheapest ones for about $50 a set, like the black ones from HF arent really worth buying for heavier vehicles. The wheels dont have bearings in them and dont roll well under a load, as well as having a tendency to fold over if you push on them too hard and they arent straight.

The tire dollies that do work well start at more than I want to spend. About $100 apiece for the low end HF ones.

I also found some for sale that are solid steel and looked really sturdy. Still more than I want to spend. About $60 each. Hmmm. I could make something like this;

So, I looked around the web for people who have built their own homemade tire dollies and I found these;

I also found this thread on;
Home made car dolly

I have some steel, a torch, grinder, drill press and a welder.

We dont need no stinkin store bought dollies!

I began by looking for some casters. I needed them all to swivel, and I need about 300 to 500 pounds capacity for each caster, or about 1200# to 2000# per dolly.
Yes. Overkill!

After looking for a while, I ended up with these;

Capacity? IDK for sure, but a LOT! They have 6 inch fiber wheels and greasable ball bearings for the swivel and the wheels. Im guessing capacity is over 500# per caster.

I have a few sheets of 1/8" mild steel that I scored a while back, so I guesstimated and started cutting out some 14" x 14" squares.

Sizing it up.

I made a bolt pattern of the caster mount out of cardboard;

Transferred the pattern over to the sheet steel with a spring loaded punch;

Deepened the marks with a real punch and a hammer;

And drilled the holes;

Then I bolted on the casters;

I know the bolts are too long. I had them, so I used them. I will replace them with shorter bolts.

Here is the first one;


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