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I had a problem with the dollies today. I suspected when I built them that the 1/8" steel was borderline as far as strength holding up the truck without a square brace for the tires. I was right.

I rolled the pickup into the garage today and put all four dollies under it. I was having fun pushing the pickup around, then the frontend wouldnt move. I pushed harder but it still wouldnt move. I looked closer and the dolly under the RF wheel was starting to bend, causing 2 of the casters to refuse to swivel.

I didnt have a camera handy, so the above amateur illustration will have to do. The front tire was trying to roll off the dolly, pushing on the piece of angle iron, and bending 2 of the casters back under the dolly.

I jacked the truck back up and pulled the front dollies out from under it. I sledge hammered the dolly flat, then cut some more steel and welded in 2 pieces of angle across the sides, effectively boxing in the area where the tires sit. This will keep the tires from trying to roll off the dollies.

Another amateur illiustration.

I put the 2 reconfigured boxed in dollies back under the front wheels and pushed the truck around a few more times. No more problems.

The back wheels are locked. I have the E brake on, and its in gear, so they cant roll off the dollies. I still plan to box those dollies in as well.

Except for the minor structural problem, they worked great! I can roll the pickup from side to side, or front to back, and it gives me lots of room on any side of the truck.

They also raise the truck up about 8" or so. That makes it easier to get underneath it. That will come in handy since the bed will be coming off, the rear axle swapped, a fuel cell installed, etc.

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