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Hot Rod Title Laws TEXAS

Hey guys, new to the forum, so not sure if i'm posting this in the right spot!

I'm looking for CURRENT info about how to title Model A or T frames in Texas.

I've done quite a bit of research on this, and it seems like everything i find is outdated / old information posted 3-6 years ago, and i know for a fact that lats have changed or are in the process of being changed to accommodate the hot rod community now.

But, every forum says something different, everyone i ask says something different, even calling up the government offices, different people tell you different things. Despite how many people build these things, no one knows what they are doing when it comes to getting a title.

It seems like the easiest way is to search Ebay and CL for out of state titles and transfer the title to Texas.. I've known people who have done that, but, titles are increasingly difficult to find, despite they made millions of those cars all around the world.

Others say that you can title your car in Arizona once it's built, and then transfer it to Texas.

I've heard of some people researching blocks of Vin Numbers, and just pulling random numbers out of their butts and using them at the DMV to get a bonded title, thinking about the fact that there WERE millions of those cars made and the likelihood of the number matching a running driving car in 2013, is slim, especially given the price of scrap metal, and the millions of cars that have been destroyed over the years, or will never be put back on the road because they are so far in disrepair... but...... that's also illegal, and there IS a chance that the car will be titles as something else.

(I actually tried to title a 1969 Suzuki motorcycle once that was titled as a POLICE TRAILER IN AUSTIN sometime in the 90's. talking about a tense situation, especially considering, i also live in Austin!

I have also heard that, you CAN get a title as a custom build, but if you do, they title the frame as a current year vehicle, therefore, your car would have to meet the current emissions standards. i.e. your 1923 ford would have to meet 2013 emissions. (yeah, that's not gonna happen)
And the same ESPECIALLY applies if you buy a frame from someplace like Speedway, or Ebay, or any of those type places, or buy a kit car, or any of that stuff.

But other's say that they will title it as a 2013, but you DONT have to pass emissions,

and then another trustworthy source told me most recently that they either are, have, or will change the laws to make it a lot easier for hot rodders...

annnnnnnnd... then there's the whole thing about, anything OVER 25 years old doesn't need to pass emissions, but, if you put a modern engine in it, i.e. an LS1, then technically your hot rod is supposed to pass the emissions standards of the year that the motor was produced since it's newer than 25 years????

And if you build a car 100% from scratch(aside from the engine... let's be realistic) this changes the laws even more, you need all sorts of safety inspections, receipts, proof of all sorts of things, blah blah blah, and red tape like a ****...


I know i typed a lot here, but, if anyone can clarify some of this, i'd be eternally grateful.
Again, CURRENT, and ACCURATE info, is what i'm looking for. i do know that something changed, i just don't remember what, and i'm having difficulty tracking the guy down who told me this.


Peace n Grease
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