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Only Racing 09-26-2010 11:25 PM

Hotrodders Art Contest "Pro Touring" Street Machines-September
Hotrodders Art Contest "Pro Touring" Street Machines-September

Welcome to the voting installment of the Art Contest. This month after a strong win by member "johnnyjalopy" the new contest began featuring a score of artworks themed around "Pro Touring" machines of any year. This month we feature a new way to vote making it a vote on an artists one image, not grouped together as before (this was by requests of members) since it was hard choosing. I didn't realize how quick the guys could fill these slots but did; in fact it was almost full.

Please note, some artists have provided larger images for more detailed views (See Image Links Below Providing Artists), the images on this page have been optimized for faster loading.

Voting will begin Now and polls will close automatically in 5 days, this is built into the board poll. A winner will gain the title of the months winning artist and be granted the option to choose the "Subject Matter" for the next contest which will begin immediately following the winnerís announcement and choice is finalized in a new thread with a complimentary Visa gift card for $25 (please PM me with your information and mailing address, all information will be kept confidential and deleted after sent).

Please feel free to vote as you see art, it is totally "up to the viewers eye" to see what they consider art and their likings.

Artwork is assigned by date of posting by Artist: Enjoy!!

1) brickyardboy
Registered User
Streetbeasts lawsuit donor

Brickyardboy enters the contest with four hand drawn images, all of which represent that lowered, corner carving new breed of street machines but offset them by using older models you wouldn't consider to take a turn without it being a corvette. His renderings are completely hand drawn a real rarity these days in artwork but he is a favorite and his work is outstanding with many illustrations using color and light to prompt the feel of more than just the basic artists tools.

A) brickyardboy: Pro Touring Nova:

B) brickyardboy: Airflo-Pro G series:

C) brickyardboy: Touring35:

D) brickyardboy: Pee-Wee-Comical:

Registered User

Kenmo has been here before and I'm not quite sure of how many contests he's entered but his work is always welcomed with him including three renderings. KENMO hits on some really cool design work as he noted he uses a mixture of Inkscape, Corel Paint Shop Photo X3 & ArtRage Studio Pro version 3 to master these pieces of digital mastery. His look is that of many feelings or moods, from deep and dark to bright and shadowed for proper lighting. A big contender this month with good design and to the point of the theme.

E) KENMO: PT Cruiser Pro Touring:

Artists Larger Image Link:

F) KENMO: G-Merc:

Artists Larger Image Link:

G) KENMO: 56 Vette G-Rod:

3) Doodler
3Deuce Speedshop
Streetbeasts lawsuit donor

There's only three words to describe member Doodlers work, "Doodler Is Art", his entries below, (two of them) show a skill we all know is above the normal abilities of mind mated to machine for most of us. The cars pictured below fall into a category by artists that have rendered work for major events, which these I would say cover that spectrum. Close detail to distorting an image we know from his previous posts that he begins with pencil and paper, brings it into illustrated programs and finishes them off with excellent line work and color shading, these works are far from the norm with skills learned over years, he surely is a designer of many great works.

H) Doodler : Twisted G's Camaro:

I) Doodler : G-Force Mustang:

4) imtomfritz
Registered User

This name may ring bells when it comes to artists; I know it does for this author. I have seen this work and the media he uses which creates awesome paintings in oils and more as you see below in his two entries. Though these artworks don't fit the criteria, I feel it can't be denied a look at and a vote pending the viewerís idea of the theme, so please as an admin of the contest only take this as my opinion and we hope the next time he brings the optimum of his talents to this contest.

J) imtomfritz : Drag Race:

5) 57Corvette
Rat Rod Studios

Rat Rod Studio's has been in this series now for a long time, we've probably heard the best I can do at describing his style of digital imaging transformations but still I'm going to add more. I look at these very closely and determine from previous works asking myself "Now How Did He Do This" in frustration that I can't see his workflow in process. As we have seen before this is a one off style, but these are becoming more of a comprehensive design that takes more of the whole image and fills it with enough content to make you say "ahh" when viewed. These two in particular have a brilliant shine to them, not contrasted but Iím firmly to believe this is done with dodging and burning of an already great image now manipulated into a design. The reflections, sheen of the image and color tones have an excellent balance. I'm sure all of you agree these are becoming favorites each month.

K) 57Corvette : Cornering Camaro:

Artists Larger Image Link:

L) 57Corvette : G-Grand Champion Vette:

Artists Larger Image Link:

6) johnnyjalopy
Registered User
Streetbeasts lawsuit donor

Johnny has been giving the polls fits with his early leads in the polls due to this definitive style of artwork, I've commented on him publicly in other web social media and the response is also the same as in we all appreciate this style. I was wondering this month how he may introduce this into a contest usually resigned for graphic styled work such as line drawings and very detailed "CAD" like images. Again he proves his standard is right there with the two images below. Covering so many cool effects of artwork with his mural like imaging, he was capable enough to pull off both renderings in gorgeous color and brilliant idea's that enhance his way of art. There again we have a portrayal of artistry in an advanced state that shines with talent.

M) johnnyjalopy : Mercury Rising:

N) johnnyjalopy : Extreme G Corvette:

7) fortypickup
Wolf in Hot Rodders upholstery

We can always rely on forty to give us the ultimate in Illustration and design, his boundaries are literally "none" when it's finished and presented, not too much flair, angle of design, the flow of the ride and better is the fact that he has generated this from mostly a wire framed version and filled in the blanks with his eye on detail. The Boss 351 X is a lesson on less is more IMO, mainly the use of stock 5.0 styled wheels, complemented by subtle areas of silvers to offset the yellows. All in all this is a design Ford or a builder may find to his liking in the future as it's already "Classic" artwork to me.

O) fortypickup : Boss 351 X:

Artists Larger Image Link:

Please feel free to vote for your favorite image and if not a member and would like to be a part of this, a simple registration is all that is needed to both vote and engage with the other artists in the monthly contest.

Only Racing 09-26-2010 11:46 PM

Guys, thanks again for all the great artwork, as the admin, I have found another limitation but feel I can overcome this by making it two posts if it gets larger and we keep the same format. There seems to be a limit on photos using the [IMG] tags to insert an image for a preview. Not to worry though it's simple to formatt but is why the contest lohgo isn't on this one, It came up as the one image I would have to remove to make one single post in this trial.

Sincerely Mark, (nerd)

fortypickup 09-29-2010 07:03 PM


Great show guys! It took 3 or 4 scroll's up and down the artwork to pick an entry!

Again...Great stuff!

eloc431962 09-29-2010 07:16 PM

Man!!!!!!!!!!! These are all great i had a really hard time but after looking through them several times :sweat: I made my choice, But as usual they are all fine works of art.


Only Racing 09-29-2010 10:16 PM

Same here and I looked at them for a long time at home too, lol. Very tough for sure. Great work guys, and as always you comments are most welcomed to the artists.

brickyardboy 10-03-2010 05:42 AM

Good win, Bob!

57Corvette 10-03-2010 10:36 AM

Thank you Bill ..... I appreciate the votes this month. Great work by everyone and happy to see some new entries here this month. .......but, it seems fewer people voted this month. I just got back on the computer after having oral surgery on Friday. Man, this pain is really something. Thank God for Vicadin.

As in the past, for October I always like a Halloween theme. I think I'll leave it open to any year or make of car, as long as it has a Halloween theme to it. This and Christmas seem to be our biggest entries and usually a lot of fun. So let's see the Screaming machines .......

Mark, do you want to start this....or should I give it a try?

KENMO 10-03-2010 02:21 PM

Congrats 57 Corvette.... It's well deserved...



johnnyjalopy 10-03-2010 03:37 PM

great win! that pic rocked

57Corvette 10-03-2010 05:37 PM

Kem, jalopy, thank you guys .......

Only Racing 10-03-2010 08:33 PM


As in the past, for October I always like a Halloween theme. I think I'll leave it open to any year or make of car, as long as it has a Halloween theme to it. This and Christmas seem to be our biggest entries and usually a lot of fun. So let's see the Screaming machines .......

Mark, do you want to start this....or should I give it a try?
Congrats Bob, very well deserved win and choice for the next contest. I just got back from a three day race and am having trouble typing from holding camera's 12hrs a day, sorry to hear about the oral surgurey, I hate that stuff myself.

The Halloween Theme again sounds great, I will put it up ASAP for you since I'm in less pain than you for sure.

The new contest will begin in a few aptly named "Hotrodders Halloween Anything Goes, Theme, Any Make Model Or Style"

NEW INTERIORS 10-03-2010 09:03 PM

Great job guy's... :thumbup:

Doodler 10-04-2010 04:43 AM

Nice job Bob! I totally forgot about the contest ending! I knew that one what going to be a popular one. :cool:

57Corvette 10-04-2010 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by Doodler
Nice job Bob! I totally forgot about the contest ending! I knew that one what going to be a popular one. :cool:

Thanks Doodler.......there were so many great entries this past month, I really appreciate the votes I got. Really looking forward to the Halloween entries this month.

Only Racing 10-04-2010 11:15 AM

The new contest is up guys, Bob, please PM me with your addy for the gift card, all the others that have won, They have been sent out last week, my apologies for being slow on this, I will try to be faster with it.

The new topic in now open for the contest here:

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