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This months contest was the brainchild of last months winner and some expert advice on his decision (Member 57Corvette ) to do a summer theme or what can bring back memories of yesteryear or for that matter days at the beaches with the "Woody's Anything go's". We all look at the scenes form past movies where beach scene’s always included a group of people having fun and there was always a woody in the picture of some kind of ride driven right onto the beach surfboard in tow.

As the artists renderings began to come in all had the same exceptional feel about them, summer fun!!

Voting starts now as the image / images pictured are posted in order of date inserted in the Hotrodders art contest.

Voting will last 5 days and polls will close automatically to begin the July Session with another winner being able to choose the context or "Subject / Theme" of the contest.

In the past we had been limited to the default level of only 10 max entries into the polling and Owner Jon has now raised that to a giant 25, making for more to come and play.
Please feel free to come, vote and most of all participate in this FUN contest, whether beginner, novice or pro, images, painting computer generated graphics, models cars and more as long as it's art in it's aspect, I know many enjoy this and it is a fun way of taking some time out and "basically giving it a shot"

Now on to the entrants. Some Members Have More Than one entry and are grouped together by order of post date. Some Artist Images Open to A Larger Image to see the details since the images here have been cropped to a more user friendly speed, there is a link below each image of those original images posted by the artists

1 ) fortypickup "3 entries"
Wolf in Hot Rodders upholstery

"Surf's Up Woody"

Forty as a long time competitor in these contests drops in a very high standard of the bad boy at the beach scenario in this classic street rod / woody. The artist is a master of clean line art vectorized images. His choices of colors and clean backgrounds make for the very appealing visualization of his idea through digital computer art; the attention to detail is nearly ridiculous in such short periods of time. This rendering he chose to call "Surfs Up" epitomizes heading out to the beach in the early hours getting ready to unload and spend the day at the beach, a classic bit of artwork with a high level of inspiration that carries over to the viewer. Notice the use of subtle coloring, detailed drawn woodwork in the "Woody Portion" of the ride. This my friends as one who has tied this I can tell you this is HARD to do.

"Surf's Up Woody"

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

"Surfin Pickup"
Member fortypickup added this image later in the contest with an included "Wire Frame" outline of his creation named "Surfin Pickup" again detail is amazing, color choice blows you into that cool California climate with that feel of all the colors that make up the ocean, sand and beaches. This little truck is quite timeless in the way it was rendered digitally, the line art is clean, precise and also has the look of a professionally photographed image yet it's completely made from an illustration. Hop in, start it up and drop it into gear and go surfin!!

"Surfin Pickup Woody Colored Version"

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

"Surfin Pickup Woody Wireframe Version"

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

2 ) johnnyjalopy "4 entries"
Is still new to the contest with his own version of using programs to basically paint an image, freehand, I do believe and correct me if I'm wrong that this is using the paint tools in one of many programs that are available. This style is one of raw painting, not constricted by the lines if fills many use in highly detailed line art but more of a free hand rendition of what many can try to accomplish even with basic programs. Taking nothing away from "member johnnyjalopy" his images are much different from many we have seen and members during the contest in that thread have questioned his way of creating these images for the final outcome showing interest in creating work like this themselves. I have named the images for him.

"Surf Shop Woody" With Palm
In this rendition it's apparent johnnyjalopy was going for that "cropped photo look" of cutting the image to fit a certain perspective to add depth and define how he wanted you to see this in two ways, one with the palm tree and one without it choosing not to blank out the curling surf. In the second image. The painting method looks soft but this is the look he was going for in his images. A fresh new look and one that works, again the colors are there to make you "feel" you are part of the image and can smell the ocean breeze.

"Surf Shop Woody" With Palm

"Surf Shop Woody" Without Palm

"Classic Beach Rod Custom"
Taking a different approach to the view of this artwork, the complete side angle creates the full image in a rendering style version of one cool Surf Rod Custom. Again, the angle, the method and the colors fit the definition of the contest completely. The blue of the ocean is seen in the body color fitting it well with the wood, the surfboards ready to go with cargo on board complete a well designed image that we all can relate to in all ways.

"Surf Custom Lowrider"
Again another side view that got a lot of questions and attention in the original thread, was this low rider beach custom, the need for a pickup is always first on the list to have driving to the beach, the brilliant colored wood panels and candy red paint in real life would become a standout at the parking lot of the beaches. This image gives you the perspective of standing there wishing the ride was yours, louvers in the hood, the searchlight, and fender skirting adds that low and clean look.

3 ) brickyardboy "3 entries"
Streetbeasts lawsuit donor

Member brickyardboy has come into these contests taking wins and members choices with actual hand drawn artwork, the clear favorite of many members feeling that raw artwork is one of their favorites he stands out as one that keep on impressing more viewers with each contest. This is the basic beginning taken to the final stage; going from sketch to final draft is quite an accomplishment. His use of color, simplicity and basically "getting you to feel it" in his art is spot on. Artists like these are very few and far between in a digital age. brickyardboy has entered three images, I took the liberty of naming them.

Custom Woody With Swimsuit Model
The early woody wagon featured here is one that uses minimal wood but in the right places to streamline the body in a minimal look to add the color of the car and give it hints of wood that doesn't overdo the idea. This added with a model posing looks again like a photo shoot on the beach with the backdrop of the ocean contradicting the deep red with the soft ocean.

Surf Shop Pro Street
Looking at this image you get the idea that this ride may belong to the owner of a surf shop parked in the sand off to the side and right near where the customers would come to get a board and go out to hit the waves, but first taking a glimpse of one cool hotrod woody, the panels match perfectly with the competitions aspects filling the right area's and again not going "overboard" with it. The collage of images makes this a complete picture and we again feel we are a part of it.

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

Surf Shop Classic
Taking into consideration that not all the surfing was done in the 60's and 70's, today customs include wood to compliment great paint, this class ford shows off its dropped stance, a brilliant green and the newer wheels to complete a picture that gives all the aspects of chrome, paint and of course wood in all the right places. Add that to the surroundings and brickyardboy captured the moment I know he wanted all of you understand in his concept.

4 ) 57Corvette "4 entries"
Rat Rod Studios

For over a year if not more we have been seeing 57Corvette's images in these contests as a very original bit of computer generated art work based on real images of cars from friendly photographers then 57Corvette adds to it his method of adding his own touch of many different types of digital manipulation to enhance and complete an image filled with tons of details and interesting effects, that is baffling to some. This month he threw in the kitchen sink using many blending modes, reflections, hot girls, and now adding vector art to his already formidable graphic arsenal. Many of his images this month take on some newer looks and not so much a departure from his norm but seemingly another step into his highly expanding art portfolio.

Carmen Electra Woody
Take an original image slice and dice it in 57Corvette's programs then add that sexy Carmen Electra and you have the full image, including the beach setting, a beautiful woman and the car itself. Noticing the whole image, much work went into this digitally generated image which again is very clean cuts, placing it into a scene the using blending methods to make a layered version of a backdrop to show how clean a digital image can be.

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

Beach Babes Woody
Not often do we see 57Corvette use a white background of frame in his work but this framing creates the whole image where the car stands out from the subtle background colors t be the center of attention "excluding the lovely ladies of course" but looking at the depth of field of the background, the proper way to crate window clarity and laying it into a beach scene with the right perspective gives this image an "A" for composition.

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

One Wild Woody
The image pictured is one wild woody that is a "real ride" with some very artistic woodwork that you know is an original; the black paint and creative wood accents must be a standout when people see this ride in real life. A step to progression in 57corvettes artwork starts to show in this image, using vectors for the centralized theme backdrop bordered in an oval giving that composition of a panel for a design, possibly a flyer or car show handout for a club, A nice departure and interesting look to his already well liked image manipulation.

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

Surfin Woody Wagon Street Rod
Here 57corvette takes a wild street rod wagon and adds to the complete image. In this artistic computer generated image, the unique hot rod is the focal point but again 57corvettes use of "inclusions" to his artwork fills out the whole composition of a newer form of art that many are following these days using spectacular colors, vector images and blending modes to increase the qualities based on the artists idea of how the car should be represented.

Click The Link Below To View Artists Larger Original Version

The Artists Have Given You Many Choices, Please Stop In and Vote, most of all enjoy and congrats to the winner in advance !!

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