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Madd Syntst 07-09-2002 04:59 AM

Hotrodit needs our help!
As most of you may have noticed, we have a brother who is in need. He is a hot rod junkie and a 50's kinda guy who has been kidnapped and taken across the pond. He sits at light, looking out his dismal cell window toward the west, dreaming of things that he would love to have. I would call upon all of you to send him what you think he needs, wants, or could use. Here are the perameters:
a) It must fit in a 2 ft square box.
b) It must not weigh over 50 lbs
c) It must be something YOU couldn't live without if you were kidnapped to a foriegn land

What would you send? :confused:

I will send him my eight track and the 14 Tapes that still play. some of the titles are the Best of the 4 Seasons, Canned Heat, and Hotel California

4 Jaw Chuck 07-09-2002 07:07 AM

I would fill the box with assorted Lego blocks with wheels and tires so he could build whatever he wanted. Maybe throw in a Lava lamp to use as a night light.

Hilbilly 07-09-2002 04:51 PM

Ok lets see old issues of car mags so he can dream of what will be whene hegets out. A Holly carb compleatly apart with no instructions. Got to keep busy putting something togethe. Lol

hotrodit 07-09-2002 04:52 PM

lol! i love it you crazy kool people, just a job & green card would work! oh & somewhere to park the old '32, a workshop, a nice house, somewhere to cruise, a BBQ, a bit of sunshine would be nice, Famoso raceway in the backyard, am i pushing my luck? :D :D :D :D :D :D

hotrodit 07-09-2002 04:54 PM

hey i got a Holley handbook! but i dont got one for Stromberg 97's & i got six of them suckers!! :D

axle bastard 07-09-2002 07:03 PM

4 shop rags soaked in gear oil - i love that smell 1st thing in the am!
the mono jet in the top of my tool box.
1 can moist cat food
3 striped lug nuts
buncha u.s. flag stickers
1 kit 2 part epoxy
1 green card
passports for he & the family
1 map of the us! :D :D :D

78 monte 07-09-2002 07:34 PM

1 Marlboro raft to sail across the pond in.
1 cassette w/ freebird on one side and lights out in london on the other.
1 coupon for a big mac

Halloweenking 07-09-2002 08:00 PM

A Zip gun, box of 50 shells

A clean set of cloths

A plane ticket in the name of Julian Green

A passport, florida licence, birth certificate, SSC, Florida PO box and street adress, voting registration card, Visa card and a $52 parking ticket dated two weeks before his planned arrival. As well as a 2x4" card with the history of American born Julian Green, born in Perry florida, high school sweethearts etc etc.

The zip gun and shells hid in the 8 track player sent by Madd, the individual paper and plastic documents hid in the 8 track cartriges. As well as a 1-800 number to replace the manufactueres ID number on the 8 track. The number is of a local business in florida in case of problems a HRBB member will be there to guide you.


hotroditsGAL 07-10-2002 01:06 PM

How about Julie Green too, and make it quick I'm sick of this country!!! :D

hotroditsGAL 07-10-2002 01:11 PM

Oh yeh I forgot he does need help, they're coming to take him away ha ha he he ho ho!!! :D :D

Halloweenking 07-10-2002 02:24 PM

I think that could be arranged, how do you think I got here :D


chevelle girl 07-10-2002 03:12 PM

gren cards are easy just meet a cute american that you think you can stand for a while and get hitched bada bing bada boom you got a green card that goes for both men and women :D :D :D :D :D :D

hotrodit 07-10-2002 04:49 PM

when & where?? :D :D :D

chevelle girl 07-10-2002 05:27 PM

well first you have to find a willing 2nd party (the one your gonna marry) then you have to pitch woo to convince them that this could work then you go to vegas and get hitched what do u think HKing ?????? you could become legal begal :D :D :D

or any of you other good looking SINGLE(that eliminates hotrodit :) ) if HKing aint interested

[ July 10, 2002: Message edited by: chevelle girl ]</p>

chevelle girl 07-10-2002 05:30 PM

lol i always have seen myself getting married young

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