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Nuck Chorris 05-04-2013 06:52 PM

House Speaker > Car Speaker
I want to put some big house speakers in my 83 Subaru. I know this sounds stupid, but if you understood, you would understand. I think that there is a difference in the resistance. Would I need to run an amp? Also the speakers are quite large. Which is awesome.

Oldguy48 05-04-2013 08:41 PM

It depends...are you trying to annoy everyone in your neighborhood, or just have an unusual sound system? Check the impedance rating of your big speakers. They're probably either 4Ω or 8Ω, and should be marked near the connections. Find out what impedance your Subaru system is designed for. The loudspeakers you connect should be equal impedance to the Subaru system output, or higher (not lower). Try connecting them with some temporary wiring and see if they're loud enough. If not, then you'll need an additinal amplifier.

vicrod 05-04-2013 09:10 PM

Gotta have the sub-bass. That's what smoken' dude. No kidding.


75gmck25 05-05-2013 05:33 AM

The key parameter to avoid damage is the 4 ohm or 8 ohm impedance. Your head unit and speakers should match or you may overwork the amps and they will get too hot.

However, the other item to check is the recommended input power to the speakers. Some high quality home speakers are very good, but only work effectively (best sound) with relatively high power input. This does not make them good or bad, it just means you need an amp that will drive them correctly.

You also need somewhere protected to install the speakers. Auto speakers are resistant to moisture and vibration because the manufacturer knows that is the environment. Home speakers may not last when the humidity and temp goes up and you start bouncing around on rough roads. Cases start to come apart and speakers cones can delaminate or break.


gearheadslife 05-05-2013 06:50 AM

home speakers are rated at 8ohm..
almost all car audio is 4ohm.. some of the high end stuff is 2ohm and some 1 ohm..

the 8 ohm home speakers will over work your amp.. why because if you think you need big speakers ,you're gonna play it loud.. and 8 ohm is half as loud (generally,) than 4 ohm... at same input power..

so lets start over with rule #1.. you don't need huge speakers...

you need quality speakers and a "SINGLE" subwoofer..
also home speakers are not MADE to handle the outside world like car speakers are..
they are not made to deal with winter cold and summer baking..

rethink this..
yes the home speakers if big enough will boom but they'll die a fast death..
you'll be better served with 5.25" or 6.5" seperates and ONE 10 sub in a sealed box if you like tight bass, 12" in a sealed box if you like it so loud everyone knows you have it.. exspect your car to be stolen soon after, 12" in a ported box.. for that muddy boom boom for showing off.. and car stolen soon after,, or 12" in a band pass box... for the stupid I can't hear anything but boom ... duals just double the boom and are for those that have no clue.. as bass in just about every recording is mono..
and in a car.. two are overkill..

now if you want clear/crisp sound with all the bass you'll ever need and go as low as any MUSIC recording.. one 12" in any sealed box or one 10" in a seal box if you knew what you where doing..
and good 5.25/6.5" speakers and a quality amp(S) ..
a single 10 will go lower be clearer and cleaner and get loud enough in the cabin without the quite silly boom boom boom in the trunk.. as those systems the low end sounds better outside the car than in it.. a more for the lame.. look at me crowd than the music fanitic..
but it's your car... if you do the home speakers plan on them rip'n the cone from the surround within a year or less

FYI most high end home speakers rarely have drivers bigger than 6.5" and 8" is tops.. as balanced sound is more than the driver size... and might have a single 10" sub or a 12"
my boston acustic referance speakers(largest towers they made ) aredual 6.5" mid bass drivers that will go down to 20 hrz and with a single 12" sub I have to turn the bass(sub) channel as far down on the gain as I can.. on the surround sound and it still rocks the whole house at maybe 1/20th the rated power

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