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Originally Posted by topwrench
You are right Jester,I think Dyno tuning is a great tool for getting the most H.P. out of an engine.
Sure beats running up n down the road to adjust stuff.
The number at the rear wheels is like you say always lower than the FWheel number.
Wow I dont no how many Flywheel H.P. would be needed to put 600 to the ground probably well over a 1000.
Some of you guys r lucky to live in a place where there is dynos available,
I moved here from Miami n its culture shock for Hotrodding

Check the collages close to you if they have automotive classes they may have a dyno (They do at some collages around here) you can schedule your car for a class and they will dyno it free (collages dont charge labor) and if you check with the instructors you can sometimes bring your own parts for a dyno tune. Collages also do repair work on public cars no charge but they can not buy you parts or supply them !!

The hot roders around here that know about it go to a school about 40 miles away and are very happy when they leave

To get 600 hp to the ground depends on the paresitic load on the eng. Water pump, trans., drive shaft, universals, fluids,
ring & pinion, torque converter, disc brake or drum drag, axle bearing drag, fan, aircond., alternator,power steering, the weight of the rims, and much more, any thing that puts any kind of load on that eng. is reducing total horse power and torque away from whats needed to propel that car !! The other factors are many like oxygen in the air, fuel, barometric press., plug wire resistance per foot, spark plug resistance, humidity, temperature of cooling system ( too cold lose hp too hot lose hp) and on and on!!! Even the bends in exhaust systems reduces hp & tq

Any thing you can do to get rid of these parasites will free up horse power !! I did A 440 road runner a couple of months ago ( an 11's in the 1/4 car) he had Blue max 800 ohm wires New out of the box(The brand doesnt mater really) And New autolite resister plugs! After the dyno run We changed to accel copper core plug wires and autolite copper core plugs same heat range And picked up 10 hp at the same rpm and load, changed back and lost 10 hp put accel & autlites back on gained 11! Did this 4 times and still showed the same average gain of about 9 hp! Then he was worried about radio noise but his radio played fine, He says he can really feel the difference on acceleration, the only complaints are from his neighbors ,because their home tvs and radios act up when he runs his car (the radio in his car plays fine)!! Now thats cheep hp!! Now think over this, people bore their 350 eng .030 over + buy pistons and rings and gain 5 cu in. and pay big money! If they get 1 hp per cu. in. ( 1 hp per c.i. is very good) and they spent over 300 bucks For 5 hp. Compare that to 10 hp for about 70 bucks!!

Now Ill try to head off arguments I dont favor 440s, I dont favor accel products or autolite, ( I actually like champion and mallory) Im not telling any one to do this, Im not saying not to bore a block ( boring is actually needed to repair cylinders Or needed for some planed builds ) Im not saying everyone will get 10 hp (a 6 cylinder grandmothers cutlass isnt going to get these gains), Im not saying a complete eng bore ,pistons,rings & bearings cost 300 bucks.And I dont dislike a 6 cyl. cutlass' My wifes a grandmother and I bought her one! I dont need to hear about it effecting electronics or fuel injection Ive done this to both injected and electronics, and Im not saying it wont effect all injected or electronics on all cars every where!

Ive got a chart I made on other tests Ive done on different brands and Ohm ratings on fords , Chryslers, chevys ,Etc I have ohm ratings and hp gains wrote down. If I can find it Ill post it! The brand names didnt really make a differents They all performed pretty much the same if they had the same ohm rating, The less ohms per foot and the shorter the wires the more hp was gained.
I retired 4 weeks ago and closed my shop, I put all my equipment in my 3 car garage!!! Its so full all our cars are parked out side under the car ports and some of my equipment is in my back den The only paper work I separated is what I need for taxes So it may take me a while to find some of my test charts their packed with All my other papers in boxes they date back 30 years. But there must be something on line about resistance and hp thats not biased ( like a co. testing its own products)


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