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carpunk 09-07-2004 06:06 PM

how do i get licence plates? (read)
i want a pair of plates made for my truck here in england i will be in ca/in aweek or so is it poss to have them made anywhere and what sort of cost? do i need my pink slip (log book)
where do u guys buy replacements?

tm454 09-07-2004 06:14 PM

don't know what your talking about
Dosn't the BMV in England issue your plates? What good would a plate from the States do you? Here in the states you would need the title to the truck and your drivers license to get a legal plate issued to you.


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Ghetto Jet 09-07-2004 06:17 PM

well it sounds like he is moving to California, and wants to know if he can have his truck tagged and ready before he gets there. I can't really give you a positive answere to your question, other than you will have to get your tags once you are in CA.

MI2600 09-07-2004 06:58 PM

Don't forget proof of insurance.

Cruiseomatic 09-07-2004 07:01 PM

Are you already a U.S. citizen?

(I had to ask,you know.....try and look smart,lol.)

carpunk 09-08-2004 01:42 AM

heres the deal
no no no i live in england but will be in ca for a holiday over here we are allowed to use american type number plates on certain vehicles and mine falls into this catagory i can use the usa style plates wich suit my truck far better than the english bigger type
so what i want to do is write down my number i allready have and get a set of plates made with my number then take them home to use
there is a company here doing them but they can b unreliable/expensive where/how do i do it over there and whats the cost of a set of replacement plates?
over here most auto shops make the uk type plates while u wait
hope this makes more sense now?

dinger 09-08-2004 09:52 AM

I've got a Ca. plate I'll give you if you like. New style white, only one though, decent shape. Dan

carpunk 09-08-2004 10:00 AM

thanks dinger but it doesnt work like that i need to have my numbers punched into the plate over here cars have a number for life period except if u do a personal plate transfer i need to walk into a shop and ask for a pair of usa plates with my numbers/letters
does it work like that?
where do u go for a nother set if yours get lost/destroyed?
as i said over here thereare number plate machines in most car shops but they only do the english type

Kevin45 09-08-2004 10:02 AM

What about picking up a set of plates from a swapmeet and having them registered? As far as the original question...No you CANNOT have a set made unless special ordered thru the Department of Motor vehicles. If you could there would be all kinds of thieves in line. LOL!!

carpunk 09-08-2004 10:08 AM

so if u lose or break yours u have to go to the d.o.t?
u dont have shops that have numper plate machines?
what about the people who make the show plates to say what ever u want for show purpouses they could do it dont they have stalls at shows or anything?????????????????????
i cant buy ANY plates and use them i HAVE to have my vehicles number on them
and all uk numbers are registered the fancy private plates u see over here were mostly off old cars then a bit of imagination applied to make them read different by moving bolts etc
u cant just think of a word and register it

CrashFarmer2 09-08-2004 10:16 AM

Carpunk, tell us what number you need and if you get really lucky somebody might have a couple of old plates with the correct number on them. Then you could buy them from the plate owner.

carpunk 09-08-2004 10:26 AM

hahahahahahahahaha thats like guessing lottery numbers!
my number reads in this style (GGG 99 H ) this isnt the number DOH!

i just want a set of blank plates and have my numbers pressed in how hard can it be?
as i said surley the show plate makers can do it?
like the novelty ones u see ,,hot350,,454vet,, 426 mcl,, tuf 460,,
that sort of thing where do they get them made?

bigbird 09-08-2004 11:16 AM


Like Kevin said, you cannot just walk into a shop and have a plate made. While the styles of plates available differs somewhat from state to state, all states require registration prior to the issuance of license plates.

Many states, like here in Wisconsin, will issue what's called Temporary Plates which are good for a short period of time. These are most often used right after a person purchases the vehicle and is waiting for their permanent plates.

When a plate is lost or damaged, the owner must apply for a replacement plate and this can take a month or more.

Many of the states still make their plates in their State prisons.

Using a plastic "show" plate or an immitation plate while driving on the highway is VERY illegal.

Your best bet is to call California DOT offices (or the DOT office of the state where you're first unloading the vehicle) and discuss the situation with them.

Basically ANY operation of a motor vehicle on the highway without proper registration displayed is a violation. Your own country's registration is O.K. but normally to have a vehicle actually registered in a state requires the owner to be a resident of that state. But like I said earlier, you might be able to get a temporary intransit plate.
Hope some of this makes sense.

poncho62 09-08-2004 11:23 AM

Solution............get to know a guy in prison................Sorry, couldn't resist.

I think that you would be best off dealing with the outfit in England, even if the are expensive/unreliable. You will be further ahead.

carpunk 09-08-2004 11:57 AM

listen i am very gratefull for the replys/advice but please re read my posts b4 replying
big bird what the hell are u talking about?
iv no intentions of bringing a vehicle to usa
ive no intentions of registering a vehicle in usa
your laws are not the laws in england its irelevent
please somebody just tell me where i can get a set of ,,show,, imitation plates made up with whatever i want on them
so i can take them back to england and fix to my own vehicle
dont want to offend anybody but i thought this was a simple question .............then again i guess some of u think playing the banjo is simple eh?
sorry shouldnt have said that lol

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