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4 Jaw Chuck 01-07-2004 04:35 PM

How do you keep your garage floor dry during winter months?
Since I cleaned mine up nice enough to park a car in I am finding a new and snow melting and puddling on the floor. It's making a real mess and I can bet the salty water laying there and never drying is going to wreck the concrete one of these days. It's not a problem below -30C but above that the interior car warmer plus the block heater not to mention the latent heat that comes off the car once it's parked keeps the floor of the garage constantly wet with 1/2 inch deep puddles everywhere.

I was thinking a tray or even some kitty litter spread on the floor would help soak or trap some of this water, it's a real problem because I have a lot of expensive machinist tools plus the lathe besides the car and I am concerned about corrosion. Is there such a thing as a trough you drive into that will catch the water so I can tip it later outside? A spring loaded plastic trough that lays flat when you drive on it and then pops one end up to drain the trough when you drive off is one idea I've had.

Any opinions or ideas will be entertained, thanks.:)

Kevin45 01-07-2004 05:28 PM

Hey Chuck...I've seen these in a few different magazines like Griots, etc. The water can only run front to back and not sideways like most garages have happen.


crazy larry 01-07-2004 05:51 PM

get some 40 grit and sand a slight contour into the concrete, effectively creating a drain to the middle and out the door....

good project for the kids.:mwink:

Gearhead forever 01-07-2004 06:45 PM

Would the possibility of cutting a small drainage channel with a diamond wheel on a grinder or quick cut work? I wonder why your floor is flat and not sloped toward the door....Maybe a floor grate and drain to...? I just made a new drain & grate for a customers garage...his handyman filled it up with cement and tossed out the old grating, his garage got flooded in the winter also..... 01-07-2004 06:56 PM

Move to Bakersfield.

poncho62 01-07-2004 08:35 PM

Actually, its not a good idea to park your daily driver in the garage every night. Sure, it melts the snow, but it also gets whatever salt etc that is on the body, starting to react from the heat in the garage.

Better to leave it outside in the cold. Less reaction from salt.

firebirdfanatic 01-07-2004 08:54 PM

I didn't know about the whole salt/heat thing Poncho, but to answer your question Chuch, maybe you could get some carpet remnants and put those under where you park. If snow fell on those, they would probably be dry when you got home. 01-07-2004 09:39 PM

We had 4" of snow five years ago. I think last year we had a day that got down to freezing - no it was the year before. Just looked at the Weather Channel a few minutes ago and temps will be ~65/~45 for the next 7 days.

P.S. salt is for food and snails.

Sandflea427SS 01-07-2004 11:24 PM

I have a nice drain in the middle of the floor.... Usually winter time means a long term project is in. I try to plan it that way to keep the muck out and the nice in! My neighbor has two big out buildings. One is full of junk, the other is full of junk and my Chevelle. I always wondered why he never parked in the garage. I bet he's glad since his van caught fire today.

Kevin45 01-08-2004 01:26 AM

Around this area when they pour garage floors they slope them 2" from front to back. The only thing they cannot figure out is how to build the corners by the garage door higher than the middle. Every garage around here, the water will run to both corners. I know where Chuck is coming from!! LOL!!


4 Jaw Chuck 01-08-2004 06:52 AM


Originally posted by Kevin45
Hey Chuck...I've seen these in a few different magazines like Griots, etc. The water can only run front to back and not sideways like most garages have happen.


Thanks Kevin! That is exactly what I'm looking for. I would modify the garage floor to drain but then I would have a huge leak out the door where the drain slot would exit, at -40C I need that door sealed or else the heater can't keep up. I spent a lot of time getting the door sealed and even came up with a top seal to keep the drafts out.

I'm going to see if they have a CDN supplier. Thanks again Kev!;) :)

Beenaway2long 01-08-2004 07:36 AM

For what its worth:
Rent a demolition saw with a diamond blade. Cut 2 lines 8" apart going out the low side (landscape) of the garage. (You will run it to the best side for drainage, not toward the door.) Run 3" PVC pipe to a grate. They have plastic grates at Home Depot/Lowes that you can mortar in. Trowel in some bag mix concrete and you're there. This way you have a permanent flush drain and won't have to band aid anything. Those mats will get to be a pain. Been there.

Hellzapoppin 01-09-2004 07:45 AM

Hi 4 Jaw,
How about getting one of those wet and dry vacuum cleaners?

Quick whip round with one of those, suck the water up, empty it down the drain and clean the floor at the same time.

Hellz :thumbup:

daimon1054 01-09-2004 11:33 PM

It says it will hold 120 gal. Will it work? Hell what's snow:P MOVE SOUTH:eek:

troy-curt 01-09-2004 11:44 PM

My floors have drains, but I use a big push squeegee, works good
and lets me paint with a wet floor.


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