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Re: water

Originally posted by lanierledford
Hi humidity causes a lot of condensation in air compressors.If you're getting water at the tool hookup, you need a bigger dryer or another dryer. Air pressure drop from high to low causes condensation. maybe a pressure regular at the tank to hose connection would help. It sounds like you're just using more air than the dyer can handle. Does it have a bleed valve on the bottom of the dryer, if so you may need to leave it open a little to allow the water to bleed of as it is collected. What about the tank bleed, does it need draining. You could try building a catch tank from a 4 in. pipe about 2ft. long. Weld the ends, on the side at one end, weld a 3/8 pipe nipple, on the other end, 180 degrees from the first nipple weld another. Then drill through the nipples with a 5/16 drill. Hook the inlet air to the bottom, and outlet to the top. Sorry, you'll need and 1/4 nipple on the end which will be the bottom to drain it. You can use a drain **** ( like a radiator or a valve. The bigger and longer the pipe, the better it works cause the air has longer to stay so the water has longer to fall out. I put legs on mine, stool it up, its five ft. tall, 8 in. diam. lol
the air compressor has a tank drain on the bottom wich i will empty after a couple hours of use, not to much will come out of it so i tip the compressor back and forth and it just pours out. the air filter/dryer has a ball valve on the bottom wich i drain every 1-2 hours of use. its a cambell huasfeld

5-micron filter removes unwanted dirt particles and condensed water to extend tool life
See-through bowl with metal guard allows easy monitoring of fluid level while protecting unit against impact
Quick-release bowl and quarter-turn drain allows easy maintenance
57 SCFM flow capacity at 90 PSI. 150 PSI maximum pressure. 3/8-inch NPT(F) ports

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how would it be if i were to use my 50 foot hose and run it up to the ceiling from the comprssor then run it on along the wall on a down hill to the end of the garage and turn it around and bring it back on a down hill and drop off to my dryer(maybe use a second dryer) and then use a pressure regulater(instead of on the air comprssor itself) and then my 25 foot hose to the air tool.

at 100 feet of hose, is 3/8 hose to small? 25 feet hose after the dryer isnt to much to work with sometimes.

the way i got it setup right now is just the 50 foot hose goes half way to the celing from the comprssor and then 5-10 feet across and droped down then coiled up on my workbench and then to the air dryer in the vise and then the 25 foot hose connected up.

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