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super nova 74 09-08-2004 05:32 PM

How fast do you think?
Hi everyone. Im 17 and I am building my first motor, I was wondering if anyone would have an idea as to how fast it would go in the quarter mile?

The motor is a 383 with 6 inch rods,9.6:1 compression ratio, afr 195 heads, comp xe 274 cam with 1.6 roller rockers a victor jr. manifold, a 600 cfm edelbrock cam, 1 5/8 headers 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust with flowmaster 40 series, hei ignition. estimate 450 hp and 500 ft lbs of torque.

The car is a 74 chevy nova 2 dr. weighs 3350 with me in it, 3.73 open differential, 245 50 r 16 radial ta tires, subframe connectors, and a 700r4 tranny with a stock convertor.

How fast do you think if I added a posi with slicks, a 750 speed demon carb, and a 3000 stall convertor?

p.s. the car previously ran a best of 14.2 at 98.9 mph with a 2.2 60 ft, dynoed 240 hp and 285 lb ft at the wheels. if that helps any?

Thanks alot.

BoomerADF 09-08-2004 05:41 PM

Just say your car does weigh 3350 and you are making 350rwhp that would be rougly 12's at somewhere 105-112MPH but thats not real spot on just a guess.

68chevelle_ss 09-08-2004 07:00 PM

I'm guessing 12.40 at around 108mph maybe faster. That sounds like a nice motor for your first build. Have fun!

Lonestar 09-08-2004 08:18 PM

With an open diff. you won't do better than a 14. Get a posi.

68chevelle_ss 09-08-2004 08:30 PM

Read the "if" part of the question.

Siggy_Freud 09-08-2004 10:54 PM

Probably just re-affirming that the posi would be a wise investment.

GoneNova/406 09-09-2004 12:41 AM

start with the 750 carb. and stall converter too.sounds like a nice combo.

killerformula 09-09-2004 08:13 AM

I'd go one step further and say ditch the 1 5/8 headers for a 3/4 set. With that manifold I would step up the cam to at least a 280 comps. Look on ryans stroker page, something similar to what I just mentioned with the AFR heads actually made JUST shy of 500 horse. Hard to believe? Believe it.


novadan 09-09-2004 01:54 PM

YOur car sounds like it should run a mid 12. I have a 1973 chevy nova with a 383 also:) I don't have a posi yet and the car will pull a 13.8 at 101 in the quarter mile. I have a 750 speed demon and the thing runs great. good luck and have fun.

super nova 74 09-10-2004 03:34 PM

Thanks for all the feed-back. I was hoping for maybe high elevens, what do you think I would have to do to get there?
Thank you.

Siggy_Freud 09-10-2004 04:04 PM

Possibly step up to 4.10 gears. Provided you can obtain traction it should leave very hard with the 700's lower first gear. You could look into forced induction or a small amount of N02 to get you into the 11's.

novadan 09-12-2004 02:28 PM

Have you considered thinking about weight reduction. There is a company called Unlimited Products at THey make fiberglass parts for all muscle cars. I have heard that for every 100 lbs or so taken off the car you will gain about a tenth of a second or so. Also don't have to worry about rust.

killerformula 09-14-2004 10:00 PM

if you build the motor I mentioned, and you get the 490 some odd horse they mentioned in teh build, you won't be far away from 11's. Build it, run it, see what you've got.

DO they give 17 year olds credit cards with limits this high? Because dude, you're talking about a 5000 dollar smallblock here, minimum.


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