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BondoKing 05-25-2005 10:14 PM

How to get a boat off a trailer for paint??
Here is the deal, I am going to paint an 18 foot bass boat for this guy... I committed myself and have ordered all the needed materials.... I am trying my best to figure out the easiest way to lift the boat off the trailer so I can paint underneath so far and of course the sides and top... I am trying to keep away from having to buy hoist etc... This job is just to help get me back in game if u will, ( normally I would not attempt this) this guy owns his own business and will bring me allot of work in the future if it is done right!

Do you think I can build some supports out of 2x4's for the very bottom of the boat to sit on, say maybe 4 of them?? I don't how heavy a boat is, but surely it is not too heavy, I mean I know I cant lift it or anything, but i thought it should weigh less than a car.. I could buy some cheap outdoor carpet from Lowe's to put on the 2x4 braces??? I am just trying to get past this job and look to the future... Anyone with knowledge I would appreciate the help!! BTW I think it is an "AllStar"?? It looks pretty old and I don't know who makes it... I was supposed to take delivery of it tonight but he did not show...

I am also going to paint the engine on it, so the boat is going to have to be accessible all over.....

I have 4 jack stands, but i thought it might be to hard on the bottom of the boat???



OneMoreTime 05-25-2005 11:22 PM

Is it inboard..outboard or stern drive power?? that has a bit to do with it..

If it is outboard drive just pull the engine with your engine hoist..there is a a built in picking eye under the hood just for this..

Get some blocking like 4x6 beams and lay them crossways of the boat..that is athwartship in marine lingo..let the boat come off the trailer onto the beams and when it is down off of the beams rotate it to one side and paint the bottom..then rotate it to the other side and paint the other side of the bottom..Once the bottom is done then block the boat upright and do your topsides...

Use old tires (no rims) to lay the boat on as that will support and not mar the hull..

Do the interior before you do the topsides so you are not working over freshly painted topsides..

Bout all I can think of for now...


BondoKing 05-26-2005 05:29 AM

It is an outboard motor.

You said paint the interior first then the top sides.. The interior and top sides all run together so I have to paint this entire boat at one time..... There cant be any break lines and I dont want any places where clear could chip or peel due to that... How ever the boat is removed from the trailor, is the way it will be painted..... Also with the paint shceme it would be near impossible to do so and get it right..

I dont have a cherry picker and was hoping not to have to remove the engine,but if it is the easiest quickest way......... Thanks for helping OMT


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