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How good are pro comp cylinder heads

I have put a set or pro comp cylinder heads on my 383 Chevy 350 engine.
They are 2.05 / 1.6 valves . 230 intake runners
and 64cc combustion size. I have inspected these heads before I installed them . The heads looked like they have a thick deck and were made pretty good . I know there are allot of heads out there that are better ,and more expensive but for $650.00 for a set of heads with these specs and a 12 month warranty I couldn't pass them up. I just build street rods and no professional drag engines. But If I was building a drag circuit engine no corners would be cut. I own a auto repair shop and have been building engines and working on cars for 25 years. This is the first time I used these heads and I have been reading about people putting down these heads and I would like to know what is wrong with pro comps heads and other pro comp products? I also used there 4140 H-beam rods, And there dive gear set for a small block 350. If someone used there products please fill me in on the problem with these heads and pro comps products. I was thinking about being a parts distributor but if there parts are inferior I will use someone else for performance parts.
I also had trouble finding a cheap pair of heads for a 351 w ford engine so I cant find cast heads for a good price but pro comp can sell me a set of 210 intake 60cc chamber 2.02\1.60 set of aluminum 302\351w heads for 649.00
This is a motor I'm building for a customer that just wants a good strong daily driver . I compared stock heads to a set of pro comp aluminum and I told the guy for 300.00 more we can use allot better heads and have 75 to 100 more hp added. I just can't see why anyone wouldn't use these heads for the price and the 12 month warranty that comes with them if there hard core drag racers buy a set of bow-tie heads or better, But if you just want I good set of street heads use pro comp? Please let me know what you think. Mike automedics

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