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Originally Posted by Z27LS3
there is all the negative press on pro comp. as others stated there probably are many happy customers as well. I dont have them and really have no firsthand experience with them but.,, I would pick genuine GM HP heads and bias toward stock, or go all out with some AFRs & a cam.
there is in my opinion as much positive as negative. thats why i wanted to clarify a few points. If pro comp chooses to assemble them that way and then sell them to someone thats going to sell them to a person. both pro comp and that dealer deserve whatever they get as well as that customer for haveing no more common sense then the two people ahead of them. 600, 700, or even 1000 is alot of money to 99% of us. Ime going to ask questions, want details. period ime not going to click buy it now because its a deal.
ive read so many posts and the theme i see time and time again, where and who they came from is the largest difference. from post to post...joe got them here and they are great bob got them from there and they are junk.

i can take a set of darts, brodix, patriot, worlds and any others and make them junk in 5 minutes (but they sure will look nice) with crappy parts and or quality of assembly. there are many dealers that really are trying then theres the it for just the $$$$ soon as they dig themselves a big enough hole and the money train dries up they will jump on to the next "fad". as long as beanie babies are makeing a buck you will find them there. I hate the fact that pro comp will get into bed with these people. And they deserve the negative they get from it. But, ime not going to blame the product itself the product is good we do reject some castings from time to time. In the end these heads allow many to purchase heads they could once only dream of. they have there place in the market. my biggest concern is those buying these heads are many times (as i have done most of my life) shakeing out the months of savings to finally get them from the piggy bank. And they need to be better informed of what to look for before jumping in. And they should ask the questions no matter the "brand" stamped on it.
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