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how can anyone set and type on their overseas made computer...BUY AMERICAN?????

enjoy the news on your overseas made tv?

the tunes on the car stereo made overseas?

i bet you think you opted for a nice set of american made CASTINGS????
right????? well tell me look at those super nice stainless steel undercut polished machined valves.......where do you think THEY ALL COME FROM?????

if you said overseas....... you win!!!!!!!
thats right there is no american producer of those valves....EPA regulations wont let it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lastly i worked in a foundry for years we reclaimed aluminum and returned it to specific grade... for many of the auto companies, a lawn mower engine manufacturer and even a company that makes lamps....

you would probably not be suprised who was the most hardcore about the grade....
all ime saying is if you want to throw this buy american into it....have a better context in your comment "i always buy/choose american when i have the option"
i sell procomp and other brand heads.....and again there are those out there that sell simply to turn a buck which hurts us all both the consumer and other dealers. Nothing can be done except as the consumer be careful do research ask questions and get the best buy for our hard earned money. whether that items a tv,computer, or auto part and it came from the US or overseas. i sell on ebay and many other sites i see the horror stories. BUT I KNOW WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND HAVEING ANY QUALITY TO THEM AND MACHINE TIME CAN SELL BIG BLOCK CHEVY HEADS FOR 869.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING....THATS ABOUT 80 LBS SHIPPING FIGURE 50.00 EBAY/PAYPAL FEES OF 13-15% ANOTHER ROUGHLY 130.00 SO UNDER 700 FOR A PAIR OF ASSEMBLED BIG BLOCK HEADS??????????????LETS THEN COVER A MINIMUM OF 3 HOURS SHOP TIME (IN A 100% PERFECT WORLD AND YOU HAVE A KID THAT WORKS GOOD @10.00 AN HOUR ANOTHER 30.00 SHIPPING SUPPLIES PACKAGING 10.00 SO WE CUT IT TO 650.00 RIGHT THERE..... AT WHAT POINT DO YOU QUESTION WHAT THE VALUE YOU ARE GOING TO GET????

bottom line the heads are 356 alloy, ductile iron seats(astm a356-80) and have carbon, silicone and maganese....
and have bronze maganese valve guides
heads are generally crappy out of the box....with some work and effort proper assembly, nice quality assembly parts they perform very well....
still have questions....heres a set of sbc heads on my truck, a customer off road stadium type truck small block ford, a BBC drag malibu with a 300 shot, and a BBC mud truck with a 400 shot....
ime not here to sell anything..really dont care if i do.... I do what i do for fun pure and simple... I honestly just want people to be better informed nothing more or less
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