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Originally Posted by stich626
what valve sizes, what cc heads,
one was iron ones not..

one is known to drop seats, ones not..

one took 100lb off the car, and more inportantly, the nose..

apples to apples please...

sad that americans piss on the graves of vets that fought the commies so you could be free,
they are gonna win without firen a shot,,
Well I guess under this logic all African Americans should completely segregate themselves from the rest of the United states because of what the white mans ancestors did to them. Then we should cut off all ties to Britain over the civil war and while we are at it lets boot all the southern states from the union over the whole civil war fiasco. I also think its funny how every argument of this nature deteriorates into the Chinese taking over the U.S. As it stands basic High school economics tells us that this is not the case. The Chinese have no use in their country for American dollars. The only thing they can do with them is buy American imports. If they can no longer buy American imports the value of the dollar in china will quickly drop and china will stop exporting to the U.S. As of right now these imports mainly consist of raw material and information. If the Chinese want to toil in factories making our finished products in exchange for what we create in offices and pull out of the ground then more power to them. If they don't then the game will change and we will have to re-evaluate it then.

Honestly if you have never heard of things like say's law or the circular flow of economics the its not even worth my time to discuss your other post about saving ourselves out of our own jobs. Please take an economics class and come back when you have a clue.

I love the freedoms we as Americans enjoy and I will die to protect our constitution but the simple truth is the system will not work if people do not proceed to think with logic and those who do not know or fully understand what they are talking about proceed to preach their opinions.

On a side note no offense to anyone on the board from a foreign country but this has boiled down to an American v. China issue and its simpler to keep it in those terms for the time being.
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