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automedics 01-10-2010 08:37 PM

How good are pro comp cylinder heads
I have put a set or pro comp cylinder heads on my 383 Chevy 350 engine.
They are 2.05 / 1.6 valves . 230 intake runners
and 64cc combustion size. I have inspected these heads before I installed them . The heads looked like they have a thick deck and were made pretty good . I know there are allot of heads out there that are better ,and more expensive but for $650.00 for a set of heads with these specs and a 12 month warranty I couldn't pass them up. I just build street rods and no professional drag engines. But If I was building a drag circuit engine no corners would be cut. I own a auto repair shop and have been building engines and working on cars for 25 years. This is the first time I used these heads and I have been reading about people putting down these heads and I would like to know what is wrong with pro comps heads and other pro comp products? I also used there 4140 H-beam rods, And there dive gear set for a small block 350. If someone used there products please fill me in on the problem with these heads and pro comps products. I was thinking about being a parts distributor but if there parts are inferior I will use someone else for performance parts.
I also had trouble finding a cheap pair of heads for a 351 w ford engine so I cant find cast heads for a good price but pro comp can sell me a set of 210 intake 60cc chamber 2.02\1.60 set of aluminum 302\351w heads for 649.00
This is a motor I'm building for a customer that just wants a good strong daily driver . I compared stock heads to a set of pro comp aluminum and I told the guy for 300.00 more we can use allot better heads and have 75 to 100 more hp added. I just can't see why anyone wouldn't use these heads for the price and the 12 month warranty that comes with them if there hard core drag racers buy a set of bow-tie heads or better, But if you just want I good set of street heads use pro comp? Please let me know what you think. Mike automedics

eloc431962 01-10-2010 08:40 PM

Have you tried to do a search on here, It has been discussed before on here.
But someone will be along in a bit i am sure to help you out.


automedics 01-10-2010 09:32 PM

pro comp heads
yes it has been discussed but my questions are still unanswered the discussion went to communist Chinese instead of product failure. The posts were from a few years ago and I forgot to ask . I kind of have the specs in my head about a camshaft but this is a 1985 f-150 daily driver I'm just using flat top pistons and a duel plain intake with a 600 edelbrock carb. what cam should you recommend. Id like it to have a muscle car sound and a fair idle nothing that's going to stall at a traffic lite. I'm going to order the pro comp 210 runners 2.02/1.60 60cc combustion chamber. Or would you recommend the 190 runners 2.02/1.60 60cc heads aluminum?

NvrGrwUp 01-11-2010 08:05 PM

I am running a set of there 210 runner heads on a sbc and they are doing well. Been on the motor for about a year. Looks like there 190s are a little low on flow. I have 205 160 in the 210 runner heads.

cobalt327 01-11-2010 08:32 PM

There was a more recent discussion that had comments by an internet purveyor of these heads, rods, etc. Take a LOOK at this thread. There are dozens of mentions of these heads here on this forum and elsewhere.

I never received any sort of definitive answer to my (rather important) questions as to the heat treat specs of the aluminum as well as the material the valve guides and valve seats were made of.

And until I do, I wouldn't even consider using them; that the seller himself had no clue other than "According to our head builder the seat material is just as it should be."- which is a non-answer, AFAIC- does not bode well for them.

tnovot 01-13-2010 06:12 PM

If you go to and do a search in the C3 section, you will find many negative comments concerning problems like poor port match ups, and valve failure while running at a drag strip, etc.
You will also find positive comments from guys who have them with no problems and are happy because of the low cost.

kidashley25 06-14-2010 08:25 PM

[URL=http://www.t****************************URL] promises to continue bringing state-of-the-art suspension system components, upgraded by applying even better means. This is to provide the automakers with adaptive and easy-to-install products to match upcoming model releases.

dinger 06-14-2010 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by kidashley25
[URL************]***[/URL] promises to continue bringing state-of-the-art suspension system components, upgraded by applying even better means. This is to provide the automakers with adaptive and easy-to-install products to match upcoming model releases.

This has all the smells of spam. WTH does a bumper have to with these heads?

After a little more research, kidassley25, you've earned a 2 week suspension for breaking our guidelines for advertising. Read the rules, if you like and want to follow the rules, then come back. We will be watching you carefully. Dan

NVScouter 06-14-2010 10:13 PM

Sorry Procrap everything sucks. Nothing is made by them, so you run a gambit using the brand name. They tag thier name to other items many of which are copywrited in the US and made in China but a small color change make it thier product.

Depending on what month it is thier tires are great or suck, thier shocks are crap or crap, and everything else is whomever they rip off in china for manufacturing.

10 reviews of great heads may do you no good when you get your heads that are off spec by .009.

mrperformanceparts 12-26-2010 12:14 AM

to better inform
pro comp chassis tires wheels etc. has nothing to do with the engine parts company two completely different companies

i know this post is old but deserves some clarifications

i deal in pro comp parts...and consider myself overly honest when it comes to money

the castings are good they need a little machine work mainly on the big block ford and mopar castings. the heads should be inspected 100% just like you need to do to any new bare head.
the biggest issue is pro comp offers these heads "assembled" to its dealers (i use the word assembled very very loosely) there is no machineing done parts are slapped in heads put into a box and sent to the dealer..
as for any dealers doing the same i cant say.

we have found so many things with castings i cant begin to list them all.
but i have found issues with even say recently dart iron eagles with a hole in the intake runner. very simple fix but if heads werent checked it would have gone unoticed until they were on the engine.

also be very careful of the parts used to assemble them are good enough for your application (again needs to be with any head no matter the name on it)

heres what i have learned
sbc heads...good overall stay away from older versions (think they are like on gen 4 now) by wary of the 210 heads as port location wont fit just any intake. be sure to check seats and guides
sbf heads....actually quite nice and we have the least amount of issues still need to check guides and seats
bbc heads....good but require light machine work alot of times also require special head bolts and longer rocker studs
bbf heads....require alot of machine work mostly above the valve seat area into the port
mopar heads..... same as BBF plus will require pushrod clearencing require special head bolts and offset rockers. if you use pro comp rockers they are only .585 offset and need to be .650 harland and t/d make rockers that are correct but pricey. if you are running solid roller comp makes .180 offset lifters that help and you can buy retro cups for the .904" lifters if you already have lifters

all heads will require longer pushrods
bottom worked hard for the money i dont care what the "brand" is. if they cant answer simple questions, have vague information, and offer half answers. ask questions about where the assembly parts come from? do they have a machine shop? a lot of the negative posts i see are associated with ebay and i have to 595 a set with free shipping how good can the quality of assembly and assembly parts be? simple math. kinda like saying the tow chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

theres some really great sellers out there doing great things for a great around ask questions then decide. get a great deal just make sure its a wise deal..... no matter what "brand" you are after

Z27LS3 12-26-2010 08:41 AM

there is all the negative press on pro comp. as others stated there probably are many happy customers as well. I dont have them and really have no firsthand experience with them but.,, I would pick genuine GM HP heads and bias toward stock, or go all out with some AFRs & a cam.

mrperformanceparts 12-26-2010 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by Z27LS3
there is all the negative press on pro comp. as others stated there probably are many happy customers as well. I dont have them and really have no firsthand experience with them but.,, I would pick genuine GM HP heads and bias toward stock, or go all out with some AFRs & a cam.

there is in my opinion as much positive as negative. thats why i wanted to clarify a few points. If pro comp chooses to assemble them that way and then sell them to someone thats going to sell them to a person. both pro comp and that dealer deserve whatever they get as well as that customer for haveing no more common sense then the two people ahead of them. 600, 700, or even 1000 is alot of money to 99% of us. Ime going to ask questions, want details. period ime not going to click buy it now because its a deal.
ive read so many posts and the theme i see time and time again, where and who they came from is the largest difference. from post to post...joe got them here and they are great bob got them from there and they are junk.

i can take a set of darts, brodix, patriot, worlds and any others and make them junk in 5 minutes (but they sure will look nice) with crappy parts and or quality of assembly. there are many dealers that really are trying then theres the it for just the $$$$ soon as they dig themselves a big enough hole and the money train dries up they will jump on to the next "fad". as long as beanie babies are makeing a buck you will find them there. I hate the fact that pro comp will get into bed with these people. And they deserve the negative they get from it. But, ime not going to blame the product itself the product is good we do reject some castings from time to time. In the end these heads allow many to purchase heads they could once only dream of. they have there place in the market. my biggest concern is those buying these heads are many times (as i have done most of my life) shakeing out the months of savings to finally get them from the piggy bank. And they need to be better informed of what to look for before jumping in. And they should ask the questions no matter the "brand" stamped on it.

HOTROD S-10 01-15-2012 08:16 PM

Pro-comp 210 heads
I was about to buy a set of these heads but after reading these threads I think I will save my money and go with somthing made in the USA !!!! Thanks for posting this valuble info!!!!

mrperformanceparts 02-07-2012 12:45 AM

how can anyone set and type on their overseas made computer...BUY AMERICAN?????

enjoy the news on your overseas made tv?

the tunes on the car stereo made overseas?

i bet you think you opted for a nice set of american made CASTINGS????
right????? well tell me look at those super nice stainless steel undercut polished machined valves.......where do you think THEY ALL COME FROM?????

if you said overseas....... you win!!!!!!!
thats right there is no american producer of those valves....EPA regulations wont let it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lastly i worked in a foundry for years we reclaimed aluminum and returned it to specific grade... for many of the auto companies, a lawn mower engine manufacturer and even a company that makes lamps....

you would probably not be suprised who was the most hardcore about the grade....
all ime saying is if you want to throw this buy american into it....have a better context in your comment "i always buy/choose american when i have the option"
i sell procomp and other brand heads.....and again there are those out there that sell simply to turn a buck which hurts us all both the consumer and other dealers. Nothing can be done except as the consumer be careful do research ask questions and get the best buy for our hard earned money. whether that items a tv,computer, or auto part and it came from the US or overseas. i sell on ebay and many other sites i see the horror stories. BUT I KNOW WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND HAVEING ANY QUALITY TO THEM AND MACHINE TIME CAN SELL BIG BLOCK CHEVY HEADS FOR 869.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING....THATS ABOUT 80 LBS SHIPPING FIGURE 50.00 EBAY/PAYPAL FEES OF 13-15% ANOTHER ROUGHLY 130.00 SO UNDER 700 FOR A PAIR OF ASSEMBLED BIG BLOCK HEADS??????????????LETS THEN COVER A MINIMUM OF 3 HOURS SHOP TIME (IN A 100% PERFECT WORLD AND YOU HAVE A KID THAT WORKS GOOD @10.00 AN HOUR ANOTHER 30.00 SHIPPING SUPPLIES PACKAGING 10.00 SO WE CUT IT TO 650.00 RIGHT THERE..... AT WHAT POINT DO YOU QUESTION WHAT THE VALUE YOU ARE GOING TO GET????

bottom line the heads are 356 alloy, ductile iron seats(astm a356-80) and have carbon, silicone and maganese....
and have bronze maganese valve guides
heads are generally crappy out of the box....with some work and effort proper assembly, nice quality assembly parts they perform very well....
still have questions....heres a set of sbc heads on my truck, a customer off road stadium type truck small block ford, a BBC drag malibu with a 300 shot, and a BBC mud truck with a 400 shot....
ime not here to sell anything..really dont care if i do.... I do what i do for fun pure and simple... I honestly just want people to be better informed nothing more or less

Landshark928 02-07-2012 11:36 AM

One point often overlooked on the chinese issue... Quanity sold and the impact of that on American retailers, who employee Americans.

ie.. if 10 times as many chinese heads are sold as American, after the mark up, the chinese heads actually leave more $$ in the states employing retailers while allowing many new folks into a hobby they could not otherwise afford.

As to the potential of the Procomp castings, look at what Bryce has done with the Airwolf 220e heads. They are a great CNC SBC head using the procomp castings as a base to start from. I doubt Bryce would start with chunk or roll the dice with his name.

Look at Apple, if they made Ipads int he states, now one could afford them, they would sell very few and emplyee only a handfull of folks to assemble and sell them. However making them overseas, they are affordable for many and Apple employees over 60,000 folks stateside.

Sorry but it's just not a simple economics question or answer.

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