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Glad to help!!!! *****One caution.*****..... if you start tripping breakers.... don't just upsize the breaker .....The wire size should go up also. I have seen too many situations that resulted in a wire burning because the breaker was too large ( wouldn't trip) and the wire carrying too many amps. A 50 amp breaker can carry wayyyy more amps than a number 10 wire. A 30 amp is the maximum I would put a number 10 wire on.
If you have been using this circuit for a welder... chances are you will be ok..

As a side note... breakers should be loaded to no more than 80% their trip value. The value of a breaker is its "trip point" NOT its run capacity. In simpler terms that breaker will trip at a 30 amp load, not carry a 30 amp load.
Breaker size for motor loads CAN be calculated at 125% FLA to allow for high current draw or "inrush" at startup. This is ONLY for motor loads.

EDIT** If you have it on a 30 and it trips I would recommend upsizing the breaker AND the wire.

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