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engine-rookie 07-18-2003 10:21 AM

how to make a 327 push about 300 to 350 horsepower
I have a 68 chevy impala 2 door with a 327; turbo 400 trans that with the casting numbers made either 175 or 275 horsepower. I want to make the engine make about 350 horses. I want to leave the bottomend stock and change every thing else like the heads, cam, intake and carb. I already have an HEI on it. It has 305 heads on it now so i know the heads need to be change. I am some what on a budget but I don't want the cheapest parts. Also I want the car so I can drive it almost everyday smooth idle. Can you give heads size with valve size, cam size with smooth idle but will bump up the horses, intake and i want to use a edelbrock 600 to 750 or just give me and ideal of what you think i would need to do to get about 350 horse. I just want to beable to leave a redlight and spend the rear wheels with some smoke.will take any ideals.

78SilverShark 07-18-2003 10:52 AM

A more agressive cam. High lift, low duration. You would also want headers. I don't know if you want to keep exaust manifold on, but you should seriously consider headers. Alum. intake, breathes better.

EBlack36 07-18-2003 12:00 PM

The 327 came in both 300 and 350HP versions back in the 60's. Just rebuilt it to the stock specs for one of those engine. All of the parts are still available. I have a 300 HP in my 57 right now and I am going to rebuild it to 350 Horse specs. They also came in 365 and 375 horse versions, but I think that was with a solid lift cam.

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