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Originally Posted by ap72 View Post
You don't understand not having an extra grand lying around? I wish we could all find that hard to understand.

This can be and has been done with a stock block, stock crank, even stock rods if you so choose. You can use stock lifters, stock lt1 pistons, and if you're really good a highly modified set of stock heads and intake.

Sure using all of that takes a lot of time and skill but if you have it it saves money. If you don't have time and skill it'll be expensive.
Oh I understand not having the extra grand. And perhaps the way I worded things came across harshly. I never intended to hurt anyones feelings. But I also know what happens when you have your heart set on something, say a 383 when you're in highschool. You take your block and get it prepped, you buy the heads you can afford, you laboriously micro manage everything to the n-th degree to the best of your ability. Then the motor breaks. You're out your block, and 2 con rods, several pistons etc etc. Now you can't afford to rebuild the motor and have to sell the car. Personal experience. It hurts awful bad and is pretty damn demoralizing to an 18yr old kid. I went through this with a few things until I learned there are some things that I personally won't skimp on. The better the foundation, the longer it will last and the happier I'll be

What my suggestion entails is perhaps getting another grand together is cheaper than Murphy's law at the 500hp level. Just my preference; as you said, a good condition stock block can certainly take 500hp, but you have much less margin to play with.

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