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Originally Posted by deadbodyman View Post
what you want to do is compare prices against the big name brands at your local paint suppliers ,Go with what is available...No sence getting your heart set on Dupont if you cant get it locally...also you'll most likely need to get it matched there at the store because the old lacquer codes need to be converted to the newer paints ,a lot of the old codes are not available and will need to be matched to what you have...Chances are the old code wont be available so you'll need an experianced man behind the counter that can use the spectrum computer and custom mix it ....not everyone behind the counter can do this but it can be done if they have the experiance dont take "not available" or "it cant be done" as an excuse,because it can, just not there... find somewhere that will do it...
Start with the yellow pages "bodyshop supplies" to find whats available near you. let us know what brands you can get and we'll go from there....
Oh , and dont trust anything they say they'll say you need this ,this and this and this is just as good ,dont believe it they are there to sell you stuff......We are not
Mike, good post, with valuable information. Your so right when it comes to choosing a paint supplier. As I've said in many posts, "paint is paint", they all work but, when comparing paint, compare apples to apples. By that I mean if your comparing paint, compare top of the line products (forget about the value lines, especially in base coat). When you compare products, take into consideration what your supplier will do for you, (I started a thread on exactly this point). Most paint suppliers won't take the time to get you the exact color you want...if the code doesn't come up as a color available in base coat, they say it's not available or they ask for a sample and use the "computerized camera" to get a code. From experience, I will tell you that no matter what brand you chose the camera WON'T give you a blendable match over 95% of the time, especially in metallic colors. Solid colors the "camera" will get you in the ball park but I wouldn't under any circumstances accept the code the computer spits out. This is where your concerned paint supplier comes in. If they have knowledgeable people in the store, they can build you a color...and that's a pretty big if. When choosing a metallic color and a factory code is not available, use their chip books or their color library's (all the majors have them in some form or another)...find something close and if you have the right paint supplier, they will tint it from there. If tinting is required, ask the fellow tinting to keep track of what toners he adds to the existing formula so that if you ever need more paint you have your own code to go to. Tinting is becoming a rare art and one of the aspects of a painter versus and applicator. I remember shops where color match was a daily issue and I had to go and tint colors for the shop...I also remember the shops where I never got a call regarding colors not matching...the painter knew what he was doing and tinted the color to match the car, just like some paint suppliers will go up and above to get you the color you need...very rare, but they are out there and they are the suppliers that are thriving. If they go that extra mile for you to get you the right color, they are going to go that extra mile to give you the right information concerning what ever else you need to get the best paint job possible.

On my profile I wrote three words..."faith, respect and trust"...let me explain why...If I ask you to do something, the only reason I will ask you is because I have the "faith" in you that you can and will do it. When you do it, I will "respect" you...when you do it often enough, I will "trust" you. So Mike, again, so true, don't blindly go and "trust" without making a person earn it...and in this case start trusting when they can deliver on what they say they can. Before you spend your hard earned cash and buy whatever the guy behind the counter suggest, check with us...we, in all probability, will save you money. I hope we don't...that means you have the right supplier and don't be afraid if his paint costs a bit more, with the right supplier you will save money in the long run.

Excellent post Mike.


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